JoeK Mini's launch Paul Bonner's Trolls of Trudvang Kickstarter (MAY 15th)!
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Thread: JoeK Mini's launch Paul Bonner's Trolls of Trudvang Kickstarter (MAY 15th)!

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    Default JoeK Min's launch Paul Bonner's Trolls of Trudvang Kickstarter (MAY 15th)!

    Hi folks!

    Thursday 15th May sees the launch of my little Kickstarter. Based on Paul Bonner's artwork for Swedish games manufacturers Riotminds, I'm very proud to have been working with both of them to produce this rather big set of figures! Sculpted by Roberto Chaudon, I think he's done a wonderful job of bringing the original artwork to life!

    Keep an eye out on my FB page, or the website to get more, but here are some pics...

    Hope you like it!

    FB: joekminis
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    Looks good! Love Paul Bonners art. How many other pieces are planned?


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    Probably nothing for the forseeable future mate. It's been a fairly mammoth task getting this one out and pretty expensive! I guess it depends on how successful it is. There are definitely plenty of creatures and characters from the gameworld that would work brilliantly as figures though, so we'll have to see!

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    Well, we've done this:

    I've announced this:

    And I've teased this:

    It's been a fun update indeed

    As always, if you are able to spread the word and allow me to have a couple more sausage rolls from time to time, that would be lovely

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    Wow...the pain and suffering of me mercilessly pimping my stuff is nearing the end

    Cheers folks!


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