Article: CMON Contest 27 - Rivet Wars Painting Competition winners announced!!!!
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Thread: Article: CMON Contest 27 - Rivet Wars Painting Competition winners announced!!!!

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    Default Article: CMON Contest 27 - Rivet Wars Painting Competition winners announced!!!!

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    These results are questionable. I request a copy of the vote records for my models and what caused such a drop. Dropped over a point down from the end of the contest to the 'official results,' as did many others.

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    Votes go up and down all the time, in fact, scores don't normally settle until you hit around 500 votes.

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    But how can you explain a model staying above 7 for the whole contest and being above 7 the day after voting ended, on the 8th, but have such a huge difference in the official numbers?

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    Votes change all the time, who knows, I know I gave most entries of this contests 8-10s, but there might be people voting them back down. But to be honest with you, I have looked at all 3 of your entries again, and as a general CMON standard, they are tabletop quality, and nothing more, no offense. Your current score is what I would consider way above average. CMON hosts images of some of the best painters in the World, you are being compared not just to entries of the contest but to the rest of the images in the entire CMON gallery, please bare that in mind.

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    I also noticed the same thing that sergentzimm mentioned. I know mine aren't the best but it stated very clearly that voting was to end on 5-7. On 5-9 and 5-10 one of mine was at 7.1 so I'm not sure how I feel about it now being 6.2 just as they announced winners.

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    In order to prevent envelope stuffing and score padding, competition scores are treated slightly different from just normal voting on the main CoolMiniOrNot site. Your competition score are compiled ONLY from registered users' votes, and if a registered user vote multiple times on the same entry, that scores will be counted only once with the average score. So if you vote 20 times on your own piece with a 10, it will only count once. I hope that clears up some of the confusion.

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    Hi !

    I'm wondering about my own entry. Has been over 7 for the whole voting period. Actually over 8. Still is. I didn't noticed any lowering or upping, nor did I voted multiple times for myself or ask anyone to do so.
    So I'm a bit sad !
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    Join the club, Wondercat. Very disappointed as well and for the same reason.

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    Same thing here. Ended with a 7, but for some reason wasn't listed as a winning entry. Have contacted CMON support, but haven't received any word on why I wasn't listed. Pretty disappointed.

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