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    Default Advice on my bust

    I posted this recently :

    I thought it was pretty good. Can you give me some advice on it? Thanks.

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    it is pretty good. You have good controll of the AB.
    What still could be done to make it even better:
    - some extra contrastst on with a few controlled glazes/filters. A bit similar than on the helmet, but on the arms / maybe skin too.
    - add materials (leather can be shown as cracked and used, lackered armor chipped, metals rusted, etc etc etc)
    - and if you are really brave then you could bring the skin to life with a few glazes/washes. (A bit of red on the nose/cheeks/lips, green on the sides / under the arms, maybe purpleish colors at the armpit/under the chin), add cuts/bruises/blood...

    the possibilities are endless.

    The only question is how long you want to work on it (if you are like me, you'll set a limit, that "this and no more". The other option is being perfecting the same bust for the next year or 2)

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    Thanks Max. I didn't think of adding things like cuts or rust, armour chipping etc.

    I started just trying to get a good skintone. I could have improved the face a bit more but I'm happy with the tone and blend.

    The helmet I can imagine getting it to glint more with more contrast/hilights.

    The blade is poor. I just wanted to finish it by then. I wonder if just a graduation from white to blue is sufficient or if it needs some light effects like faint brushes strokes outward perhaps.

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    Knowing that you were focusing most on the skintone, I have to say that the work paid off. I would recommend some glint on helmet and sword, though.

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