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    Hi there. My group has played a few games (started with 2x Max Kaos, then a mini league) and we love it. Although like someone mentioned elsewhere, scoring with the ball is unbelievably difficult in a Max Kaos match hahah.
    I have a few questions regarding technicalities that we haven't been able to answer/are unsure of and am hoping to get some insight here. Sorry if any of these are covered in the rules and we overlooked it.

    1) When activating a figure, can you choose to do nothing? Or are you required to move at least 1 space if you aren't tackling/stealing/attacking? I ask because one of the cheat cards says "must activate a figure" which seems like it could be undesirable to have to do so, if some sort of action was required.

    2) Are knocked down figures' passive abilities still active? e.g. Rumblefist's dmg redirect or the Hardy team ability if Scorched

    3) What is the duration of the Hardy skill? Is it 1 dmg per each player's turn, or just the owner's?
    e.g. In an FFA Maximum Kaos match, a team with Hardy could have prevented a total of 4 damage per figure once all 4 players had taken a turn.
    or, 1 damage per figure until the owner's next turn.

    4) Is it legal to field different ringers at the start of period 2 and 4 if your ringer was killed or benched? There is specific mention on ringer substitution at half time so I'm unsure of replacements outside half time.

    5) It was answered elsewhere that the Zombie's Shuffle and the Scatter tactic are outside normal movement. Does this mean they are not considered "active" figures? If they stop in a square with the ball, can they pick it up? Can they pass the ball? Can they initiate stealing contests?
    a) If these figures can pass the ball, are these movements to be considered as simultaneous? Or can you create a passing chain?
    e.g. (Z = zombie. b = ball) Zb|_|Z|_ ; ->|Zb|Z|_ ; _|Z|Zb|_ ; _|Z|->|Zb etc

    6) Regarding Bzzt! Is it legal to play it in this scenario:
    Figure moves into killzone. Opponent reacts with tackle. Tackle is successful. However, the player uses Brick to take 1 damage and prevent the knockdown. Opponent plays Bzzt! dealing a second damage and killing the figure.
    In other words, does the cheat need to be played as soon as a figure moves into the killzone, before reactions, or is it legal any time during that turn?

    7) I've read that the unofficial change to Gangsta Z's ability is to allow adjacent runners to also initiate a contest. My beef with this is that it's the only ability that messes with the pacing of the game by allowing the active player to initiate multiple contests per turn. I was thinking, if wanting a gang-up theme, what about having him get +1 to all contests(or just ball handling?) for each allied figure adjacent to the target? I feel like that would make him very situationally powerful(on a comparable level with other ringers) without damaging the core game. Thoughts?

    8) In the league rules, shouldn't banning come before team selection/assignment? Not understanding why that's after choices are made.

    Ok! That's all I have for now, lol.
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    1) Unless you play a Tactic card that doesn't tell you to activate a figure afterwards, you must always activate a figure on your turn (if you have any). However, you can choose to move 0 spaces with it and not perform any action, essentially doing nothing.

    2) Yes, passive abilities are still active on knocked down figures.

    3) Hardy cancels the 1st damage to each of your figures each turn, so that means your turn and each other player's turn.

    4) New ringers can only come in during half-time events.

    5) Figures moved by the Zombies' Shuffle are not being activated, so they can't perform actions, pick up the ball or hand it off.

    6) That is exactly how you'd play BZZT. Any Reaction must always be the very first thing that happens when an enemy enters a killzone. The BZZT card would have to be played right after any Reaction is resolved.

    7) Keep a look out for Gangsta Z in the upcoming FAQ (very close now, I promise).

    8) You are right, the order is being changed for the final League rules.

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    So even if you have room for a ringer at the quarter (down a player and don't have a ringer on the field) they can only come in at half time? Seems rough that you can boot one to the head and then stand on them to remove them until half time.,,

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    Josh, I think you would still be able to bring the original ringer that got benched back out at the start of 2nd period, because the OP question was about swapping to a different ringer.

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    Exactly. You can't bring in a new ringer, but you can still use the old one.

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    Hmmm, that seems like an odd technicality. But hey, at least it avoids the issue.

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    From a theme standpoint remember the ringers are mercenaries and only play for your team for a sigle game, so think of Half time as when the coaches are able to make that trade/call to hire that new ringer.

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