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Thread: Do you have a favorite model?

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    Default Do you have a favorite model?

    Good morning WoK enthusiasts! As I was viewing Ender_101's video from the Nasier Contest *congrats again Ender, glad someone willing to share videos and excitement won it!* I got really excited about painting and was wondering what is everyone looking forward to painting the most?
    What about looking forward to painting the least?
    And last, what about just looking forward to fielding for rules actual game play *who does that anyway?*?
    1 Arkan Thesh - so many different metals to blend, highlight and make shiny!
    2 Union defender
    3 Ooroth - nothing super flashy, but that 3 die base attack with critical strike, solid defense chart, stinging field with two armor, and special abilities, he's a heavy hitter that's hard to wound!

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    Lets see:

    I'm really looking forward to painting Korrad Ungarish, I love the look of the model and even though I'll never get it as good as the preview paint scheme the CMoN boys and girls put up I think he'll look great when properly based and chewing through units.

    I'm not really looking forward to painting so many War Dancers. It might not be as bad since I like the new sculpts . . . but whenever there's so many infantry I get nervous I might just get bored painting.

    For rules I'm pretty excited about the Fell Hammers, I like the hulk out and possibly explode aspect of them.

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    In terms of looks,

    Nasier - Shadrus Arikim
    Hadross - Oracle of Ulloth
    Goritsi - Skorza Alpha
    Teknes - Lineman
    Shael Han - Winterhawk

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    For me its the Female dustman leader, awesome model

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    I like a couple of them....its really hard to choose.

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    a few.

    *the* favorite: Orsund cavalier... originally with WoK I was like *meh*, but after seeing them, first I wanted at least one to paint, then everything hadross (jellyfishmen + octopus + whatnot = win).
    what others here: servidans, maybe the sharks too. The deepman are not really for me though.

    from the other factions:
    Nasier - either the bloodchild or Alayna Heshka
    Goritsi - Gregorio, but the wardancers look good too
    Teknes - noting really, sorry, they are *very* not my faction. What I can endure mostly are the linemen.
    Shael Han - Deathbloom, iron lotus warriors

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    Well I think I like this one a lot.I got it off eBay and it was painted.I was holding I could just prime it but it looks like I have ti o strip it because the face lost detail.

    I been hooked on buying minis off eBay.most are ral partha.there's also 3 holy miniatures called pocket shirnes they were carried by troops in wars so I thought that was a neat find.

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