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    Default First Sculpt Attempt - Chibi Scale FF VI models

    I'm trying my hand for the first time on some chibi sculpts. Any recommendations on proportions? I am attempting to follow a 28mm scale (or it's close equivalent to follow Super Dungeon Explore or Arcadia Quest scales) so I'm approximating a 1-1-1 (head-body-legs) vertical scale. I'll post some pictures up later of my work so far. Any tips or suggestions will be appreciated.
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    I only have the SDE minis by me, but they are more like 1-1 (head-everything else). For example the priestess from the drakk set (chosen, because it's standing upright and not much movement): total height about 32mm, head is 14mm, more than half.

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    The Arcadia Quest minis appear to be along a similar scale. In some of their kickstarter pictures, they appear to be about 35 mm high from head to foot (take off 2-3 mm for the base?). The head is about 14mm, the body closer between 10-12 and the legs about 10-12 depending on the ratio and stance of the model.

    As a first attempt at sculpting, I'm daunted by adding the details and making a "smooth" looking model.

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    Default early images.

    Attached here should be today's images of my progress so far. I am thinking that the body will need to be trimmed back into proportion some. I have not yet started building onto the head. I'm looking to make some minis for Super Dungeon Explore and Arcadia Quest based off of the Final Fantasy VI characters. The first two that I am trying are Mog and Sabin.
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    The model above and this one are still in progress. I feel this one is now recognizable. The small details make a big difference in how complete it looks.
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    Default Almost there - sculpting on sword and wings remain

    HORRIBLE photography, but you can see the progress. Work on his sword and wings remainName:  IMG_0675.jpg
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