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    So I was running demos at CMoN expo when I noticed a Zombicide dice tower sitting on the table. The guys from Guillotine Games answered some questions about it since people were really liking it. Later they came by and dropped one off for me. So I thought I would take a couple of pictures of it and post it up here. If you have questions about it drop me a line. (sorry about the pictures I took them with my phone) and I just realized I did not take any of it folded down.
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    Interesting, but I've never been a dice tower guy. These must also come in red based on the recent picture on Facebook which I'm assuming was one of these folded up.
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    I saw the red one on the demo table there but no one around at the time seemed to know anything about it. I would definitely pick one or two of these up when they become available, any clue when that might be?

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    When I asked about availability I was told that it would be an add-on for Season 3 and then it will be generally available after the kickstarter. It is really a good add on as it keeps the dice from going all over the place.

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    For me, this is a) just more clutter on the table b) would make a lot of noise if its hard plastic c)not as cool as one i could make with lego..

    If its your thing then it would be cool, and at least it folds up.. but for me, its barely something i would give a second look too..

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    Now I know what to do with the $10 S2 credit. Nice!

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