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    Default Noob question about stealing the ball

    hi all, got my kaosball the other day, awesome package and fun game to boot. The gf likes it too which is a bonus!

    i do have a question tho and it prob seems pretty silly but just need a clarification

    when stealing the ball, are you able to continue moving, say if i move 3 squares, steal the ball, can i then move my last 2 squares, or because i "picked up / stole" the ball my movement ends there??

    thanks for your help

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    Nope, move first then steal. Page 13 - "Move up to 5 spaces. Only a Runner or Ringer may then attempt to steal the ball from an enemy in their killzone." Now if you were doing hand-offs then those can be in between movements.

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    cool, thanks for the clarification

    but what if u steal the ball before you move, are you then able to still do the sprint action AFTER stealing the ball? or just steal the ball and not move even if u havent moved to get there?

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    Same answer applies. Movement happens before the active players contests (reactions can interrupt movement). So you for stealing you may move up to 5 spaces, then perform the act of stealing. If you are already in position to steal then you do not move.

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    sweet, thanks mcs, thats what i had assumed but just wasnt too sure

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