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    Default Upset Card Clarification

    Just wanting to clarify the Upset card !

    They way I was playing it, is that it beats any +4 or +5 or Booster Bru cards whether alive OR dead. But re-reading the card and I'm wondering whether it should be beat ANY dead card.

    What's the correct read on this card ?

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    That is not just limited to the upset card. Any live card automatically wins against a dead card.

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    As I understand it, Upset beats a dead card by 3 while any other card vs a dead card beats that card by whatever number is printed on the card.

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    Please correct me if I'm wrong here:
    The Upset card will autowin by 3 against any dead card
    Where a 1 energy card played against a dead card would autowin by 1
    In both cases the team bonuses are not used when your opponent plays a dead card.

    I have been using this rule as a strategy when I have Hardy and I know my opponent has burned his good cards. I'll suffer a point of damage from his reaction attack so I can save my high energy card for my attack/tackle.

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    Yes, that is exactly how it goes. Team bonuses would only be used if both cards played were dead.

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    Ok so:
    Live v Live - team Bonuses apply as norm

    Live v dead - team bonuses DONT apply, it's just diff in cards, except Upset which is an auto-win by +3

    dead v dead - team bonuses DO apply

    Sound right ?

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    Yes, sounds right. Where the Live v dead win amount is the value of the live card not necessarily the difference between the cards.
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    I would put it thusly:

    Live vs Live = Card + stats

    Live vs Dead = Live card only

    Dead vs Dead = Stats only

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