Drakerys Miniature Game Kickstarter (already funded!)
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Thread: Drakerys Miniature Game Kickstarter (already funded!)

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    Default Drakerys Miniature Game Kickstarter (already funded! -- just unlocked the Elves!)

    I just backed this and thought this community would appreciate it. They have some cool sculpts and have some unique twists on the traditional fantasy races. Check them out!

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    I wanted to show off some of the cool stuff that the backers have unlocked so far!

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    They just updated showing how many miniatures you get in the "Elemental 5" package. All of the pledge levels are good deals in my opinion based on how many minis you get. It also looks like game mechanics videos will start this upcoming week.

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    another 360 video showing of the miniatures!

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    We have another video showcasing the miniatures again and some more details about the game as a whole

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    a bunch of new stretch goals have been unlocked! Come help us unlock them! There a lot of cool characters and dwarves, which I think are unique looking. The picture below shows all the stuff you get at the Elemental 5 pledge level ... it keeps getting better and better.

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    Yeah that Game looks outstanding, but I can only do one at a time right now... I saw this on Facebook, the artist they have painting the miniatures sent me a link to it. It is outstanding! Glad it got funded!

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    I hear you! Kickstarters can be expensive, this is the one I am currently backing and I too can only do one at a time. If you cannot back it, help us spread the word. Its a great core team and what they have seems to be really neat in my opinion.

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    I am spreading the word on it. Will be blogging about it soon. It looks great and the game play outstanding. I am selling off some sealed box sets of Warmaching and Hordes faction boxes, in hopes I can raise some funds to buy into this game.

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    Nice! Please link the blog when its written! I too am selling off my warmahordes stuff to be able to pledge more.


    Video of the scenery!
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    Today we also got a bit more of a glimpse about game play!

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    Another pretty 360 for one of the kickstarter exclusive miniatures!

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    Another 360! This time detailing the Elemental heralds! These minis are top notch

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    A few exciting things have happened so far over the weekend!
    1) looks like the team is condensing the rules into a quick start format that will be released sometime soon for backers to look at
    2) while we wait for those the team did an interview with Polyhedron Collider: http://www.polyhedroncollider.com/20...from-dont.html, that gave us some more details on the game itself
    3) and more 360 view of the models!

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    In update 23 we just got the first few page of the rules released. They are working on the translation from French to English. This is basically an introduciton of the main mechanics. It seems like the game will be a lot more tactical than strategic, which I think is a good fit for a skirmish type game. Check it out for yourselves and provide feedback.

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    We have even more rules and some great video of how the modular minis can produce different looking poses!

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    we have our first angel concept art!

    and a new baby dragon as a stretch goal as a 10$ add on, isnt he cute?

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    Maëlan & Isha are here !

    A creature of Earth and Fire, Isha was born soon after the first dragons, at the beginning of times. When magic left Drakerys and other supernatural beings went into slumber, Isha took the appearance of a beautiful woman. As centuries went by, she traveled the world to discover its many people, and took a particular interest in nobility and magicians. In the shadow of mortal kings, she started horrible wars in order to conquer the artifacts and sacred places she fed upon to keep what remained of her former powers. Isha is a dangerous, vicious, yet passionate woman seducing her victims with beauty and mystery. Hanging around mortals civilized this primal creature to the point of making her a sensible, very educated and stylish individual. Beware, however, as she is, and always will be, a feral being at heart. Magic’s return on Drakerys gave Isha her wings back, both figuratively and literally. She’s now hunting elemental beings of all kinds to feed upon their essence and rebuild her former powers. It’s just a question of time until Isha becomes once again the beloved and feared goddess she was among Drakerys’ primitive cultures.

    At the apex of the first Maelstrom’s era, when magic and creatures of power were ruling over Drakerys, Maëlan grew tired of her angelic sisters’ intrigues and left the celestial ranks to begin her own quest. She was looking for an answer to the war tearing Drakerys apart right where it all begun: at the heart of the Maelstrom, the elemental conflagration which gave birth to the world. Her journey led her on every corner on Drakerys, and soon her temperance, a quite unusual trait among angels, got her the favors of many elemental overlords. An then, one day, she disappeared. Some said she fell under her former sisters’ wrath, known to be jealous of her liberty and power. The others said she had achieved her quest and reached the Maelstrom’s heart for all eternity. Centuries went by, the Maelstrom slowly faded away and, alongside it, the ancient and terrible creatures fell into torpor. Younger species took their place as Drakerys’ rulers and claimed the world as their own. The Maelstrom’s return saw Maëlan reappear as well. The rebel angel is now the emissary of elemental magic and now pursue a new goal: locating the Awakened, Drakerys’ new champions, and helpd them discovering their true potential. Good or evil, their ethics and motives hold no value to a being as ancient as the Maelstrom Angel.

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