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Thread: Drakerys Miniature Game Kickstarter (already funded!)

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    This looks amazing!! I love the character designs!

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    It does look really really cool! Here is the first gameplay video!

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    Today we get a glimpse of new units (now available as add ons!)

    and a video of lorn's elemental and wolf (first time we got to see these minis!)

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    More game play!

    Elemental Overlords!

    Avaren Hero!

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    I got a chance to sit down and talk with Mohamed one of the sculptors and miniature painters for this game. I had to keep it short, as he is a busy man.. but check out our interview at my blog - http://miniaturesincolor.wordpress.com/

    Oh and after speaking with him, I jumped in on the KS, really nice and cool guy. If you can afford it, jump in, lots of cool miniatures, and the game play looks great!

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    Lots of new stuff posted! New freebies, new mercenaries, new painting videos, a dwarf assassin!, and others! Go check it out and lets unlock the dwarves! Join in!

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    some more concepts!

    ... and this is why I have enjoyed this kickstarter so much. They took our comments on Aspic and resculpted her based on our suggestions. Specifically in the facial structure to get it to match the art better.

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    we have heavy cavalry and centaurs inbound for the kickstarter!

    Tomorrow we get faction specific monsters! Cool! Should be a fun 60+ hours

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    Good People of Drakerys,
    You all know now that the dwarves are being unlocked at 185k.
    But what about having a glimpse of the future ? A preview of what's next ? An insight on the inside ? And as always, go big or go home !

    As you know we fed our community manager to the trolls. But before he left us for a better world, he managed to take a picture we cannot resist to show you...


    When you ask about the meanest and toughest people on Drakerys, anyone says “Dwarves”. They just answer “our women”. With a steel temper and the iron will of the Aurium caste, Alkali is no exception!
    Since her Awakening, she’s entirely dedicated to grow her newfound magic powers. She’s especially fond of Air and Earth, as she uses both elements in their rawest form to give birth to the tricky Path of Lightning.
    Alkali may be a young and tough magician, but she’s already a serious threat to anything wearing metal (especially metal armors). While she’s still learning about the signature ghost summoning of the Aurium caste, her brothers-in-arms are already more than happy to have this badass of a girl by their side. You’ve been thunderstruck!

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    Also, as it seems to have been not posted on here:

    Some Days ago a Painting Video was published that shows the Step By Step Painting of the upcoming Drakerys Fire Elemental (in English) by one of the Best Painters in the World, Ben Komets... And it is all for FREE! So please check it out and tell us your opinion on it...... What can we improve, do you like the Layout, Design, Techniques... And do you want more Videos like this?

    Please click here to see the Video on Youtube...

    Have a great week!
    "I think we will see a lot of such diorams in the future because Pandora box is oped, interest is huge and forum butthurt is just great." --- Decoy

    Simply Wonderful......

    Visit us at http://massivevoodoo.blogspot.com/ ...

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