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    Is there a public release date for Kaosball yet?
    ....and I speak for the trees.

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    This question has the most views of any question. Can we get an answer? I have money I want to throw at you for more teams

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    They are shipping to Distributors late this week. So your local store should be able to get them in the next few weeks. I'm not sure if it is just the box game or not. Sorry, I should've updated this thread we I found out.
    ....and I speak for the trees.

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    how much will the basic game cost? and each team?

    will we also see more special players?

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    The best I can tell you is I believe the main box will MSRP @ 99.99. Teams-I have nothing official, but i think will be in the 25.00 range.
    ....and I speak for the trees.

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