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    Red face Painted Rivets

    Hi folks ! We finished painting those little Rivets, and it was a pleasure to paint that under-represented chibi/steampubk mix.

    Hope you like it.

    Allies Heroes :

    Allies Troops :

    Blight Heroes :

    Blight Troops :

    More pictures on our blog !

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    omg I'm diggin the R2D2 Ostrich!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Crazyjuan View Post
    omg I'm diggin the R2D2 Ostrich!
    And I the Baron Von Bobba Fett!!!

    These are really well done. SHame you missed out on the art contest! I'm sure there'll be another.
    ~Lieutenant Nathaniel Flint of the Landship Scorpios

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    You snatched those references then =D

    All the Heroes have one except the Napoleonian one (2nd) and the big Blight bot.

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    These are great! Really creative and fun. The R2D2 and boba fett references are really great. Is Romler a take on vader?

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    It's not Vader (but Vader was considered for him) and less well-known. The skull on the helmet and gears on the hands are significative ! It's from a comic adapted twice in the movies
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    Those are great, I'm kinda meh on the R2 walker, for me it was a bit much, but everything else is pretty crisp and fantastic looking.

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    These are so awesome! I thought the R2 was stellar.

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    These are amazing.

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    awesome work. I love the blue allied uniforms and all that metal. I love seeing everyones different take on the armies. I cant wait for wave two so I can try out some alternative schemes. shame you missed out on the come. I imagine you'd have ended up with a treasure hunter. I wonder what you'd have drawn influence from for that one???

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    Thanks guys !

    And it is Kroenen Ted

    We actually entered the Rivet contest with Captain America, but did not won the Treasture Hunter. Another case of an 8 during the contest turned into a 6 during the results !

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    Great stuff! I might have to borrow some of your color scheme when I finally get around to painting mine!

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    Great work! I love the creativity with the R2D2 Ostrich!

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    Love the detail on the helmets. I was going to give mine a highlight on the rim but after seeing yours, I'm going to give the helmets a warn bare metal look. Awesome job, thanks for sharing.

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    And voilà, we finally got to finish this game !

    I'm just sharing the heroes and a couple of things here (that's already a lot of stuff) but if you care to see the troops they are here :

    Other stuff :

    A couple of family shots :

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    Wow, they look so good!!!
    ~Lieutenant Nathaniel Flint of the Landship Scorpios

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    Saw these on BBG last week. Very awesome - Of all the models I think Atomic Robo is my favourite. He was the reason I stumbled into Rivet Wars on Kickstarter, so he's a favourite anyway, but and the ghostly glow you captured in his eyes is fantastic - when I first saw it I thought you'd hidden lights in there I had to look twice.

    +1 Reputation - Thanks for sharing
    Rivet Wars Scenario Editor -

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