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    You've probably already seen this on the FaceBook site, I thought I'd duplicate it here:

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    "What is this? What are the Blight constructing? Whatever it is, it looks big!" - Brad Chelmsey, 103rd recon unit

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    "More activity at the foundry and machine works. I'm estimating the weight at close to ten tons. Maybe a light tank?" - Brad Chelmsey, 103rd recon unit

    What do people think? I'm guessing it will take 2-3 turns to build and by the looks of it each leg will take up an entire Grid - I think that means planes won't be getting past it too easily!
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    no clue, looks big. You think it'll really be big enough to take up two grids? I kinda feel it's still a one grid large tank or walker. Can't wait to see it unfold, good to know there's still some secrets out there.

    PS: Might also be an action figure. Looks big... maybe cuz it's an action figure sized unit?
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    Just realised it's a landskrieger, hence the light tank reference....
    Name:  blight_landkrieger_zpscc88c056.jpg
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    Edit: spelling
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    Well thats no fun. Maybe part of the action figure line, as suggested? Wouldn't have been my choice though....
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    Maybe? I don't see the point of teasing something we're all well aware of otherwise.

    *Was excited for Titans*

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    It might just be a count down to when Wave2 finally ships; and when all the stats cards/rules for BoB get released

    Large Titans that span multiple grids and can attack air units would be amazing too!
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    No this isn't titan stuff. We are working on that but it's not ready for primetime. Too many other things in line before it. These pics are of another "item" we're working on. It's not a retail item but something pretty cool that I'm REALLY excited about. We didn't want to show it off until it's done but I wanted to give folks a peek. It is really big. Take a closer look at the second image and you should be able to guess the scale a little better.

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    Holy crap! 1:1 scale?

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    oh - hah - I never really noticed the guy under there working before. Must be some sort of cool display for gaming conventions and whatnot.

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    Damn it. Crazy idea in head now Ted. I could easily throw a 1/1 scale together out of card...breath deeply, look away, no room, breath deeply, look away, no room.....

    oh oh, oh, how about a wearable 1/1 cosplay biplane!

    ahhhh, no....must....keep....away....from....craft....sho p....

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    That's weird; I hadnt noticed the guy working underneath it either. Hidden in plain sight! Ted is that you?

    A life size landskreiger; please tell me you're working on a whole range of life size models to play with at conventions! Ill nook my ticket now!
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    Loving the idea of possibly loosely being based on the landkrieger and boss though, any chance of a slight teaser.be interesting to see how it goes with them, they need character for themselves but need to be clearly a large vehicle as well. Brings up a thought, were there planned to be more than two plugs in a titan? Teasers please.

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