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    Default Amazing Reference Book for WWI Uniform Colors | Styles

    I just got this book from Amazon and wow is it awesome!

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    700 great color illustrations of the uniforms worn by various troops of the majors powers of WWI.

    This is great for anyone that wants to have reference for authentic uniform colors for their painted Ally and Blight armies. Much better than most of the images I found Googling and such.

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    Absolutely agree. I use that book all the time when concepting units. I also have the 19th century and roman uniforms book. Just a great series and I like grabbing one large book unlike all the little osprey books I have.

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    Yeah, I had like 10 WW1 Osprey books in my Amazon Wish List, until I found this book. It more than makes up for all of those books combined!

    I do love me some Osprey Military books though! I have a bunch for Vikings, Samurai, Ninjas and a ton for the American Civil War.

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    Ted already has the book for Romans guys! Rivet Wars: Legends is that much closer.

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