Master Classes with Meg Maples-US Tour (Kansas City, Atlanta and Glen Burnie)
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Thread: Master Classes with Meg Maples-US Tour (Kansas City, Atlanta and Glen Burnie)

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    Default Master Classes with Meg Maples-US Tour (Kansas City, Atlanta and Glen Burnie)

    Hey Everyone,

    In case you do not know me or my work allow me to introduce myself. I am Meg Maples, professional painter and former Privateer Press Staff Painter. I left PP last year in order to travel and teach classes as well as paint for more collectors. In the last year I have traveled to Canada twice to teach, Portland and Northern VA, New Zealand and held 7 classes in Australia in 2014 alone. I've also taught classes at Adepticon this year with plans to run more 2 hour topic classes at GenCon 2014.

    I have worked as a freelance miniature painter for the last 6 years full time. I have painted for many companies including Privateer Press (on staff), Reaper Miniatures, Dark Sword Miniatures, Crunch Waffle Enterprise, Freebooter Miniatures. I've written painting tutorials for No Quarter Magazine with plans to do more tutorials for other companies and other magazines in the future.

    I have won over 20 awards since 2007 with my most recent wins being 2 Golds and a Silver at ReaperCon 2014 as well as a Golden Crystal Brush for my Knight Model Magneto.
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    Now that I have introductions out of the way I wanted to share with you that I am holding several 2 day intensive painting courses in the US this fall. The locations and dates are as follows:

    Kansas City, KS---Sept 27-28
    Kansas City, MO---Oct 4-5
    Baltimore, MD---Oct 18-19
    Atlanta, GA---Nov 1-2
    Chicago, IL---Nov 15-16

    The classes are 8 hours each day (with a 1.5 hour lunch break scheduled) over the course of the weekend. In the class I go over the following topics and answer general questions from the students.

    Day 1 will cover:
    Miniature Cleaning and Prep
    Proper Priming Techniques
    2 Brush Blending (a quick and efficient technique for smooth blends)
    Painting Faces and Eyes.
    Color Theory

    Day 2 will cover:
    Hair and Fur
    OSL (glowy bits)
    Basing materials
    True Metallic Metals

    I encourage lots of questions and discussion throughout the class. I keep the class semi-casual in that I provide a demo to a small group of students, explain what I am doing, allow them to watch several iterations of the technique and then allow them time on their own to try before I make my rounds to provide one on one help to each of the students. It is very important to me that students let me know when they have a question or if they are struggling with something. That way I can help as much as possible in class while we have time to work together.

    To the classes I also bring examples of my own work so students can see it up close and personal, get to ask questions about the techniques I used or how I built things. I also allow them to see inside my paint journal to see how I take notes and make sketches of my work ahead of time.

    The main technique I focus on is Two Brush Blending. It's the technique used by the Privateer Press painting studio which allows painters to achieve smooth blends in a fraction of the time glazing takes. It does require big brushes and I have several recommendations for students in my recommended supply list (found in the links above for each of the classes)

    My classes are open to students of all skill levels. This isn't just for top painters! I've had people who've never painted a miniature before in their life come to my class as well as a few teenagers new to the hobby. But I've also had Golden Demon winners and 20 year veterans in my class. It's a great way to bring the painting communities together and allow everyone to learn from each other. I've seen some really creative base work or color combinations from many painters! And the discussions are always entertaining!

    I have compiled a page of reviews of my classes from the last couple of years. If you are curious but not quite sure, I recommend giving them a read.
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    I have just updated information for the classes. I hope to see more people sign up for the classes this year! We've already got a lot of people registered so don't miss out on your chance to nab a seat! It's $50 to secure your seat with the remaining $155 payable later on or day of class with cash/credit card.

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    I wish I would have known about this I live in springfield mo and Im in need of some training like this class. Will there be more next year in the KC area? Or do you know of any good painters in the southwest side of MO that I could get ahold of?

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    This sounded like a wonderful event, shame I missed out!

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