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    Default Imperial Guard Airborne Camo Paint Scheme

    I recently finished a test model for my Airborne Imperial Guard. Naturally, I had do something a bit different, so I decided to try and do a camo scheme. Here's the result:

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    The model is completely hand painted. The camo scheme was not difficult to do since I simply used a piece of foam like the one you might find in a blister pack or pluck foam storage tray.

    Name:  Stormtrooper Test 2.jpg
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    The lens and goggles will get a coat of Tamyia Clear Red and Blue once it has been seal and maybe an oil wash.

    Name:  Stormtrooper Test 3.jpg
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    Once completed, I plan on basing him on a forest base. My only concern right now is the gun's color. I don't know if I want to do a black/gunmetal color, or do the camo color. I'm afraid that if I do the black/gunmetal color the hands might get lost.

    I'm interested to here what you might think. This is also my first post, so if you have suggestions on how to shrink the size of the pictures that would be great.

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    I like how he's walking on stilts lol just kidding I know its for painting

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    After listening to some feed back, I made a couple of quick changes to my stormtrooper. Here's what he looks like now.

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    As you can see, I changed the gun's color to a black metal. To make the hands stand out a little bit, I painted them the same camo color as the rest of the mini.

    Name:  Stormtrooper Test B.jpg
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    Overall, I'm very happy with the way it turned out. This will probably be the final version. I still have some detailing things I want to do. I want to use some weathering powder on the lower part of his legs and put a bullet graze on his shoulder pad to show that he's been in the field for some time. I also need to find some nice decals for him. Once it's all done, the mini will be put on a forest base. In the end, I think these guys will very nice on the table.

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    I definitely like the color change on the gun. It makes the hands pop more and breaks up the green really well. Did you also emphasize the camo on the elbows/helmet? Or am I just noticing it more in the second set of pics?

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    No, the camo is actually showing up better in the second group of pictures. I was holding the model slightly behind the light. The only thing I did was paint the gun.

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