I promised this when I posted the test model for my Airborne Imperial Guards' color/camouflage scheme, so here's a quick and dirty tutorial on how I achieved a camo scheme on infantry models. You can read about the process more in depth at Pensacola Warhammer.

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I start by priming the model with Vallejo Surface Primer Grey. This light, neutral color will help the camouflage colors from becoming too dull and making the miniature almost impossible to see on the table.

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I base coat all cloth material and anything that will be camouflaged with Vallejo Model Color Stone Grey. Now comes how I actually achieve the camo pattern.

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This is the secret on how I achieve my camouflage pattern on infantry. The overall size and lack of surface area makes doing a camo scheme on infantry almost impossible, so instead, you have to give the impression or illusion that there is a camo pattern. This foam does a great job at giving the impression of a digital camo pattern.

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I start with the green color. For this I used Vallejo Model Color Russian Uniform WWII. I dip a small piece of foam into the paint, and then remove the excess by dabbing it on a piece of paper or towel. I then gently dab the model with the foam.

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I repeat the process with a brown color. For this, I used Vallejo Model Color Saddle Brown.

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Finally, I go over the model with a black wash. This actually has a couple of benefits. Obviously, it brings out the details that the camouflage may have hidden, but it also helps the three colors together into a cohesive whole. There isn't a stark difference between brown, grey, and green.

Next time I'll show you how I do my armor and gun, so stay tuned.