Favorite Troop and Why?
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Thread: Favorite Troop and Why?

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    Default Favorite Troop and Why?

    Title says it all, right?

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    Is there an easy place we can see all the troops that are in the game, both base game and kickstarter bonuses?

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    Favorite Storyline Unit:

    Sergeant "Grim Reaper" Deckard - "He's always there. Every desperate operation. Every suicide mission. Always the lone survivor."

    This guy is the most interesting character you guys have created. He's a mysterious killing machine. So what do we know about him?

    1. He's a badass in combat.
    2. He's fearless.
    3. He's dependable.
    4. The guy is freakin' invincible.
    5. ...and he's a....SERGEANT?! - This is the most mysterious fact about him.

    Soldiers in combat zones advance quickly. Especially if they don't have any competition due to all of their peers being dead. So the fact that he's still a sergeant is VERY intriguing. It may mean that he's been demoted on multiple occasions for acting on his own intuition in battle, instead of working together to keep his brothers-in-arms alive. ...However, I'd like to believe that Sergeant Deckard has survived so many suicide missions...against unfathomable hordes of monsters... because HE HIMSELF IS A MONSTER. At least, that's how his superiors and other divisions see him. His skill in battle is so brutally efficient, that he's alienated even the veterans. They're afraid of him, but they realize that they also need him on their side. He has become infamous for being the lone survivor time and time again, and due to this, he has gained the title "Grim Reaper". This name was not given to him because of how many monsters he's killed...but because out of all the soldiers on the mission roster, he is the only soul that ever returns.

    I imagine his demeanor to be calm and silent outside of battle.

    ...At least, this is how I like to imagine his character. His creators may have had entirely different intentions for him.

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    Favorite Gameplay Unit:


    I can imagine these guys will save the day quite frequently, due to being instant and having the ability to equip a weapon and armor.

    Side note: Kinda funny they're called paratroopers seeing as how they don't use parachutes.

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    Favorite Troop: Tesla "Volt Crasher" Arc-Suit
    Why: I've always loved the tesla coil and tesla troopers in Red Alert.. early PC gaming memories. Apart from that the art just looks awesome and the thorns damage aspect of the trooper just feels great too.

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    My favorite unit will probably be the "Ajax" Battle Suit. (Special ability: Once per round, if this troop kills an enemy, all troops in Lane get +2 power this round)

    Start the fight with one or two of these guys in the front, equipped with nice weapons like the assault rifles that give the troop one opportunity to deal damage first. With that, your chances are pretty good that all your troops get +2 or, with a second "Ajax", a whooping +4 power for this round. With this buff, even the outdated rangers in the back rows pack some serious punch.

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    I really like the paratrooper also, especially Captain Echo, The ability is really cool and the artwork for the cards is incredibly well done and dynamic.

    A close second is the Erebus Stealth Suit though.

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