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Thread: Custom Rivet Wars Bunkers

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    Cool Custom Rivet Wars Bunkers

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    These are great! You made it look easy!
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    I'd keep it simple - ammo crates, supply crates, medical crates - these can all be small and not get in the way and maybe a trapdoor troops can stand on for an ammo stash.

    I'm sure you could squeeze a machine gun in too!
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    Cant wait to see what you come up with; I had some ideas reading this:

    Maybe a prison, post office or powerstations!
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    these look fantastic! I can't wait to release the work on the Rivet Wars houses, you'd have fun with those.
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    The rebar work really adds something!
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    Ah, these are really cool. I love seeing other terrain stuff that folks are making. Yours are really great! Nice job!
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    Awesome. Might think of adding dirt effects from shells throwing up dirt. Just a thought. How thick is the foam?

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