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Thread: Painting Nibbles: step-by-step WIP

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    Cool Painting Nibbles: step-by-step WIP

    Hello everyone, just wanted to share some of the painting process for a little bunny named Nibbles. I have been working my way through painting all of the Arcadia Quest miniatures and thought it would be all right to make a forum post to keep updating every day. So far the pictures I have are just quick shots on my phone, nothing fancy.

    Here's yesterday's work in the studio focusing on the skin-
    Name:  10478598_10152258206639472_686596902961211486_n.jpg
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    I'm a fan of Reaper paints as you can tell by the photo. I started off with a base of Shadowed stone and Dark elf highlight mixed together with some Nightmare black in the deep shadows.

    Name:  10440696_10152258206854472_440350630523458064_n.jpg
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    I layer with each of these colors dark to light, cloudy grey, weather stone and leather white. I mix these together in small amount on my wet palette to get the colors I need. I'm an eyeballer/ until it looks like the right color kind of girl.

    Name:  10463919_10152258207039472_6512219611724082161_n.jpg
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    Here he is with several layers of the above colors. I have not added my final highlights yet, focusing more on a little fur texture around the model. In the second photo you can see his arm, which has less layering than his face.

    More to come later today. Please feel free to ask questions. Just a rough tutorial on a different type of skin tone/ fur.

    UPDATE 6/20/2014
    Paint work step by step tutorial on Nibbles
    Did some work on Nibbles face details like scars and eyes. I also added the brightest highlight to the fur.
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    Here are all the colors I will use on the details of the face. Nibbles has his fur highlighted.

    Name:  10426911_10152260187464472_9129220387006797398_n.jpg
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    I went into the scar areas and eyes with a dark red, as well as the nails and mouth.

    Name:  1958310_10152260187609472_8935511141997446318_n.jpg
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    Here he is, looking a little more put together with finished eyes and all!
    More pictures for my working step-by-step in the next update.

    UPDATE 6/25/14

    Working from the concept art, I start painting the armor on Nibbles with Violet Shadow as my darkest color, followed by Indigo Violet mixed with a Vallejo Violet Red. My brightest highlights are Amethyst purple and linen white. The pink trim and accents are Reaper's Violet Red with Blush Pink and Linen white.
    Name:  10370376_10152266443219472_8149702241402061781_n.jpg
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    Base color

    Name:  10336673_10152266442579472_8965908550094247383_n.jpg
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    Indigo Violet with Violet Red

    Name:  1782093_10152266442914472_1281240494219413063_n.jpg
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    The last touch ups are the only things left to finish up the model. I will post final studio pictures after the next Arcadia Quest update.
    Happy Painting!

    UPDATE #3
    Finished Mini
    Name:  IMG_2781.1.jpg
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    Nice smooth blends. The eyes look freaky, in good way they really suit the character of the model and are extremely well done.

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    Nice one! continue the good work, want to see more!

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    Looking great so far. The pink works really well with the blue/grey fur and those eyes are fantastic!

    I'm also a fan of RMS paints - although as a fairly recent convert I'm still slowly building up my collection so am pretty jealous of all those bottles lurking in the back of your photos!

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    Fantastic Job Liz! The eyes look great. I am still having a hard time tracking down a 5/0 and 4/0 brush like the ones you use for those eyes.

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    Thanks MiniArt! Try the brand Escoda, a spanish maker. I have found them at Blick at a reasonable cost, usually $11 for a 5/0.

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    hah, thats a very suitable paintjob, coolio
    ...keep talking
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    Quote Originally Posted by SkelettetS View Post
    hah, thats a very suitable paintjob, coolio
    Thanks Skelette, I really enjoy poking around your WIP thread, there are some nice pieces there.

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    Thanks so lot, for the help with Nibbles, especially the Eyes would help me by my paint job !!!

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    Damn it! Moonmin82 and his freaking clowns, Tommie and his bloody bears and now you and that scary bunny! Nice PJ though. I'm gonna be having some screwed up nightmares for a while ~sigh~ Sleep is for the weak. Pass the turkey...
    "Remember, you can't spell paint without a little pain."

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