Anyone know any big miniatures blogs/bloggers?
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Thread: Anyone know any big miniatures blogs/bloggers?

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    Default Anyone know any big miniatures blogs/bloggers?

    I've not done much exploration into other people blogging miniatures, other than connecting with other painters/builders.

    I'm looking for people who blog about other people's minis, and about the products and companies. Who are the big players? What bloggers are loved and admired? Does anyone have a huge following and lots of daily interactions?

    What blogs do you guys follow? Is there anyone I should be following?

    I'm looking to send out some free copies of my book for review, and I have no idea who I should send it to. Any ideas?

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    a few I like and follow regularly: --> JarHead and Picster along with quite a few 'guests' (massive tutorial resource + lots of wips and product tests) -- good dual-language tutorials here - PaintingBuddha - Arsies's blog - Volomir's blog - Guess? (yes, Igazzu's blog) - Mostly Infinity by Giraldez - Mostly because I met a few members during Jarhead's painting lesson(s).

    of course a few big because of 40k:
    - faeit
    - bell of lost souls
    - beasts of war
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    Wowza! Thanks for the list Maxx, I'll have a look through them. A nice lot of suggestions there.

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    WWPD have a blog ring, mainly flames but a lot of other stuff as well

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    Gmorts chaotica is a favorarate of mine, it's mainly Malifaux and Warzone unboxings along with news from Warlord, Mantic and FW among others.

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