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    Default Are you Legion?

    Are you excited about Zombicide? Do you have what it takes to be a part of the most dynamic and exciting demo program in gaming?

    If so, we are looking for you!
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    Hi, newly applied to legion for this purpose. Hope it works out

    facourite game of mine

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    Default Just joined

    Can't wait to be part of the Legion program.

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    Thanks for having me here

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    I have also signed up to be a part of the Legion. Thank you for the great games.

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    I too have just signed up. A local store has been asking me to run demos. Then, I saw this and figured I might as well make it somewhat official.

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    Ok im in! lets survive the zombicide apocalypse.
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    Looking forward towards joining the Legion

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    I’ve applied a couple times, and haven’t heard anything back.

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    Just joined. I. Am. Legion.

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    Attending CMON expo 2019, have applied for legion, Zombies are awesome, well once they are dead any way... Currently I am leading my group of survivors through the ravaged black plague lands heading toward Wolfsberg, on the other side of Wolfsberg they hope to avoid the horde but I hear it pops up where you least expect it! They will soon learn that there is No rest for the wicked and that it's hard to tell Friend from Foe....

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