what a joke!!?? this is ridiculous!!!
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Thread: what a joke!!?? this is ridiculous!!!

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    Default what a joke!!?? this is ridiculous!!!

    please can someone explain to me why this piece has a 9,4 score??..i cannot believe..this user has a very strange marks in their minis..maybe a lot of friends here or maybe people have lost their taste and sense...???..
    my god..

    look at it please http://www.coolminiornot.com/67239

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    Default Read the explanation

    This model has been voted on for its sculpt.
    The description explains if a little vaguely that it is a prototype for a new mini and has probably been posted by the sculptor it also explains the mediums used to create the mini and the scale.
    The model has been voted on for the quality of the sculpt and the originality of the subject.
    I think you may have missed the point here.
    I would like to see it painted and based as I think that it is a great model.:D

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    The guy has sculpted that model. Can you sculpt to that standard?? The site is called Coolminiornot, and not, as many have pointed out, Coolpaintjobornot. Unpainted sculpts definitely have a place here, as it is the fastest and easiest way to get feedback from your target audience - PAINTERS!!! These people produce the stuff we all paint, so a little support would probably help them.:)

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    Default He has a point....

    The individual pieces are beautifully sculpted, but to my eye, it looks like three diseparate pieces stuck together. There is no integration between the human torso and the animal body and, the mask/icon? in place of a head and neck is far too weird for my tastes.

    I normally love Robius\' work. Just not too keen on this one...;)

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    Obviously lots of skill in the sculpting, but I don\'t care for the overall look. 10 for the sculpting skill, 5 for the look, overvall 7.5.

    Now his dragon thing, thats a 10.

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    Default hmmm

    I don\'t think it\'s fair to ask if he can sculpt to that standard. The implication is that if he cannot sculpt that well then he doesn\'t have the right to criticize it. That is completely against the purpose of this forum.

    I think the sculpting is pretty good, but then, it is a pretty big model. 180mm, right. I\'d have given it an 8, until I read the size. I give it a 7.


    ps. I could not dream of sculpting this well.

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    I don\'t think that Scott intended to question his ability, just to illustrate that the sculpt is very well executed.

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    Well, it\'s the guys right to think the miniature isn\'t that good. I\'ve seen a lot of people say pretty much the same about other sculpts on this site. Some even vote down someone\'s work simply becase the sculpt was a little off.

    I personally have mix feelings for this sculpt. I like the feel, but something is a little off. Maybe it looks better in pewter.
    I\'m going to the site to have a look.

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    The only thing that I find I don\'t like about the sculpt is the head of the beast I think a different slightly longer head would give it a better feel.
    For me the creature seems to end a bit sudden but that\'s just my personal taste.

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    Originally posted by tidoco2222
    The only thing that I find I don\'t like about the sculpt is the head of the beast I think a different slightly longer head would give it a better feel.
    For me the creature seems to end a bit sudden but that\'s just my personal taste.
    I assume you mean the lower face right? I think he should eliminate the head all together. The thing the makes it look really odd is the face plaque on the front of the beast. It\'s supposed to be a techno centaur thing right. Or the lower face should more obvoiusly be a decoration.

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    yup it\'s the lower face I meant I couldn\'t think how best to describe it and ended up with a vague description.

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    To say that this piece is ridiculous, or a joke is a little harsh.

    I personally think it is overrated, but the voters have spoken, and they seem to love it.

    It is still a high quality piece, and I\'d give my left little toe to be able to sculpt to that level.

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    The similarities of individual parts to old He Man toys is a little uncanny. I think Seiya is attesting that it isn\'t sculpted at all, but consists of old He Man toys glued together.

    And to be clear...

    If this guy was simply inspired by the old He Man stuff in his sculpt, that\'s of course fine and his execution of the sculpt is flawless.


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    Hmmm. I think the fact that he has well over twice the votes of Fredy\'s piece on ALL his recent uploads and the fact that they are ALL over 9 is really funny. They have been up half as long as Fredy\'s as well.

    Gimme a break. 9.5 for a Dragon Bust that you can\'t even see the detail on. Wake up folks... Now you may go and blast my gallery....

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    Default a lot of votes

    I don\'t have a problem with his having a lot of votes. Perhaps he solicits friends to visit the site and vote on him. Friends are going to be more generous than non-friends. But even if he had all of his friends vote they wouldn\'t be able to keep the score at a 9 after 250 votes. So some of the folk from CMON have to have helped his scores out. I looked at his gallery and found that I had voted on 3 of his submissions already. I gave him two 8s and a 9. I think his work is clean and pretty good. I especially like his scenery. I do think that he does not usually show enough detail.

    On this particular post, the cyborg-dyno-KISS-roadie, I think his detail is very good. I still think it is only a 7.


    ps. By the way, what material is it that he uses to get that white plaster look? I\'ve seen others use it and seems so smooth and cold. Surely it isn\'t plaster.

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    Default been waiting for this

    Here we go again. Actually, this is even crazier than the last time a big posting was done... remember the \"And they gave themselves 400 10\'s\" thread?

    I still can\'t figure out how all these votes are popping up. I posted 5 images almost a week ago. I created a thread to lead people there, and another kind CMON user even made a link so that people could get to the views more easily.

    In just one day, one of these new postings got more votes than all of my pieces combined, which had been up for 4 days. Mine have also dropped from mid-9\'s down to low 8\'s in a few cases. The more recently posted pieces have only gone up and up, and continue to get tons of votes.

    Is it possible to vote on a mini more than once?

    There\'s just something odd going on here.

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    The amount of veiws to votes when compared to other figures that have been on the top 10 / 7 for a similar amount of time shows an very odd and suspect disparity when compared to other \"Big Name\" painters items that are currently ranked there.

    My opinion of the items in question is they are of decent quality but when compared to other 9+ Ranked figures on Cmon they are out of place and I find them wanting. In my ranking I would not give them over high 8\'s (8.5 +) as they just dont appeal to me.

    Some single photos pictures of each figure with some indication of scale and better representation of detail might sway me.

    ROK - G. Hodgson


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    Originally posted by Wappellious

    Is it possible to vote on a mini more than once?

    There\'s just something odd going on here.
    Yes... you simply have to wait for about 6 other votes to register. So naturally, a guy with say 6 psycophants (or different IP addresses) coul drealisticlly vote on his stuff all day long. Once you have 300 votes (like he does in way less than a week), lowering a 9.5 is nearly impossible!

    My Technomage of Fire has been posted since 08/17/2003 and barely has more votes than these which have been up for liek 4 days...

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    Default um, yeah.

    Ok, now that is weird. I confess I hadn\'t looked at the date these were posted. I had assumed, since they had so many, that these posts had been around for a year or so.

    I\'d say there is definitely something suspect about that. But what are you going to do?

    HEY ROBIUS, come out, come out whereever you are! You got some \'splainin to do!

    I don\'t think he\'ll show.


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