update 37 spanish and french rules downloaded
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Thread: update 37 spanish and french rules downloaded

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    Default update 37 spanish and french rules downloaded

    Since update 37, there is no news about the french or spanish rules promotion. I wish I have some news about my concern.

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    What is your concern?

    There are no official english rules available, yet. It looks even like that they are still working on it.
    It would be little unusual if the french or spanish Distributors even started to translate as long some revisions of the rules are possible.

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    My english is not optimal the post concern the update 37
    And y wanted something news from that
    Our Spanish and French distributors will be providing translations to the game rules (but possibly not fiction) and we will make these available when they are complete, likely around the time we begin shipping the rewards. This may or may not include the longer fiction entries, but the base rules, abilities etc will be translated.


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    I don't have reply about the last mail that i have writ.
    It concern the possibly about a PDF version for french rules.
    You have evoke on the update and until yet nothing ....

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    Hi Ooyo,

    I will check into this for you, but a lot of our partners are out of the office until 5 January, so it may be a couple of weeks before I have solid information for you.
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    European buisnesses have closed till the 5th .... it will then take about a week for everyone to catch up on all the emails / Voice Mails that have been left over the previous 2 weeks

    <The above comment may not be 100% true>

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    Happy new year to all and the best for 2015 ..;

    Thanks for answer i stand tuned for another information

    best regards

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    Th "Eleonora Marsk" is arrival on Hamburg the 19 01 2015 ....It is just a moment too wait and the games is coming ... On this dates i have no answers for the rules.

    Can you anwers quikkly ?????

    Thanks best regards

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    The update 113 from this date


    send that we can post a request for missing part or damaged part.

    In this request i don't post that i have no support for the VF rules.
    Just that the shael Han faction have not the good base for the big sister (30mm instead of 40mm) an no base for the Blood Engine Keeper in the Goritsi faction.

    I don't have answer until this date for the rules on french or spanish version.
    The last news from a few days yet ...

    Thanks for answer

    best regards

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