Hello all! I'm fairly new to the forum, but I thought I would come on and show you guys the newest terrain piece I have been working on. I haven't really made a lot of terrain pieces, so I have been trying new techniques and things along the way with this one.

It's a gothic cathedral. I just have part of the facade done right now, still gotta add most of the windows and do some gap filling to the front, then I will do the sides, back, and roof. But here is the front at least.

I have a few weeks invested in this already. All hand carved from foam, the pieces hand cut then the brick-work hand carved. The circular window was made with a few different pieces of old jewelry, and I am pretty pleased with how it came out. The door is balsa wood, cut up jewelry for the handle, and ultra thin foam for the decorative straps on it.

It's my own design, but I was inspired by St. Patrick's Church in Ohio.

Still got a ton of work ahead of me, but I think it's coming along.