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    Default Cang the Implacable

    Yes, I have one for sale, in box, ready to go.

    Please note the following:

    Cang has had the two body halves glued together, and some of the spines on the back have come off.
    I've attached a photo indicating the condition.

    I have included a set of extra pieces from another kit so you can add more spikes if you want.
    Anyone skilled enough to build and paint this miniature should have no problems with fixing a few bits like this

    I'm in Australia, so shipping will be expensive to the USA.
    I guess that's not a problem if you're in Australia!

    Best guess, $50 - $75 International postage.

    This will be sold by forum auction.

    Starting bid is $150 USD.

    If you want him just enter your price into a reply, making sure it's more than the previous bid.

    That way everyone knows what the current max bid is.

    He's on eBay, although If I sell here. I'll cancel the auction, to save ebay fee$
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    I am really interested in this dragon - my first bid: 160$

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    Where abouts are you located?

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    Did you get my PM? If not - i live in The Netherlands.

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    My first post is to get Cang...awesome. I'm located in Japan, for shipping. Just found your eBay listing...
    Thanks in advance,
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    yxalitis - is the bidding still open? Until when does this bidding last? Did i win with my first bid?

    could you please respond?
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    Hi, please bid for cang here in this forum, as ebay will charge me ~10% in fees

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    Bidding is still open, you are the lead (only) bidder.
    I have one bid on the eBay auction, but as I indicated, I'll close that auction and deal directly here, unless I get a much more significant bid.
    You bid $160, but if the eBay auction goes to >$180, that's more money to me.
    I have 12 watchers on the eBay auction, so there'll be a lot of last-minutes snipe bids (I hate that about eBay too!).

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    Yxalitis also has a lot more things for sale. I bought Gauth (from Reaper) from him, and it arrived quickly and perfectly packaged.

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    hmm, OK. I have my own opinion putting an auction here and on ebay but it is your choice.

    I raise my bid to 250 USD.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dreamworker View Post
    hmm, OK. I have my own opinion putting an auction here and on ebay but it is your choice.

    I raise my bid to 250 USD.
    Noted, thanks.

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    Duplicate post

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    Any news?

    I saw that the winning ebay-bid was about 200 AU which is less then my bid of 250 USD? (which still stands BTW)

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