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    First of all, this is my first submission here, so if it is in the wrong place, tell me where should I put it.

    I am doing it mostly to offer another view of this mini, since I could only find one of it before I bought it.
    I know it is not the best one around, but this was my first real attempt at using an airbrush. I had to go back and fix things with regular brush many times. =)
    Also still have problems diluting the paint and all.

    I used Citadel/Games workshop paints, Harder & Steenbeck Evolution airbrush, and the mini is a reaper wyrmgear.

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    More pics on flickr.

    There are already some known mistakes I made with it, but I hope you guys can point out some more, so I can learn from mistakes I did not even know I made. =)

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    Wow, dude! That looks amazing. I love the level of detail on the head and at the base of the wing, especially. You sure this is the first time you used an airbrush?

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    Not the first time I USED it.
    But the first time I really went for it.
    Actually, I forgot. This was the second model. First one was an Imperial Guard (Astra Militarum?) Sentinel.
    And I did some testing on a rather featureless Necron Overlord too.

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    Well it looks fantastic! I'm just getting started with airbrush work. Any tips?

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    Well, I only just begun, so I don't know much myself.

    What I can tell thou is:
    1- Citadel paints have different consistencies, so you have to dilute each one with a different amount of diluter.
    2- Try to paint different stuff, with different paint to get a better control of the airbrush. I found out it indeed is possible to make very small and subtle traces, if you are patient and can hold steady.
    3- Don't try to add another layer until the paint is dry, or it will "slide" making ugly blotches and gathering in recesses. (I did this many times when I thought the layer looked too thin, until I finally decided it is best to wait)

    This tutorial was great for me

    And a hint I read somewhere and I used on the wing of the wyrmgear and a camo pattern was to start with the lightest color and move on to darker tones.
    I am not sure which is actually best, if going from lighter to darker or the opposite.
    I have been using light to dark when supplanting colors on a bigger miniature, and dark to light when I want to make shades on a smaller one.

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