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    Figured out how to get in the ring a bit !!! It's been ling overdo and IDE like to start this work in progress thread to address certain questions I've been asked, how I ho about achieving the results I get, and quite frankly benefit and improve from all the experts in this site , forum , etc. so to start is my newest work in my gallery " Volgar" the skull taker. Would love to here feedback on what you all think of my newest member of my mini family. Make sure you vote comment etc. all feedback will be greatly appreciated.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dragonsreach View Post
    Papa Dragonsreach indeed!

    In regard to the skin personally I'd have been tempted to use complementary tones to strengthen the shadows, purples and or reds glazed down into the creases.

    BUT it's a long time since I painted an Orc...........may have to change that soon.
    Copied this over, because I stand by it.
    I do think that the skin tone needs something altering on it, my suggestions might be to consider looking a Vallejo Model Colour Olive's to blend darker tones from and in the muscle definitions rather than the bright green you've used.
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