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Thread: Showing my newest works before I get into things!

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    Go and get em done. I'm always up for others updates on such wonderful chaos models. Any advice ill be glad to share if that's something you might show interest in.

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    I welcome all words of wisdom mate, I've not done many half naked male minis so it'll be good practice for more rugged skin, one thing I don't get is the paint job on the gw site has the hand holding the chains being inexplicably pinky red, I suppose it's meant to have started mutating or something

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    That was exactly what they had in mind. Think bout it one hand is small and the other is abnormally gigantic ,spiney , and has that chain embedded directly into its hide. So yeah that's it its a demarcation of chaos . I've loved the idea so much if you look at mine I copied it almost exactly from their cover art.

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    I hadn't even noticed it was embedded in his arm, I thought it was just wrapped around it, that's a good starting point to think about, most of the mini seems straight forward being a khorne mini, lots of red, probably gore that sort of thing, khorne was my boy back when I played 40k

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    I'll tell you a secret he's one of my favorite models .. Normally all models from GW that I like I buy 2 copies. This includes the same for boxed sets and boxed games. But the model were talkin bout here ,I bought 3 copies and I guess if he's now free with the new WD I'll have a fourth. safe to say there will be a V2,a V3 and most likely a V4!!!

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    Honestly I'm normally put off by the prices of their characters, for £18 I can get a 54mm mini instead, that said I do treat myself every now and then like the space wolf I did recently and I plan to get the new kharn the betrayer model, he was my army commander back when i played 40k, with my all berserker army with no tanks, strategy be damned! I'm still deciding the colour scheme for the slaughterpriest, a red mutated hand makes sense since khorne demons are generally red, but with red armour too it might be too much, I might do black armour or try red nmm, or bloodstains steel, not too sure yet

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    Well that's the beauty of painting it could be pink and yellow if that's what somebody desires. I'm really a competetive type a guy, and I've always absolutely loved the box art for GW ,so not only do I stick to it most of the time but I compare and challenge myself against the box art. At the end if I feel I've done comparable maybe even better in my eyes than my task is done... Down the road ide like myself to do a unit comprised of all rusty battle worn armor probably starting with chain mail as a base coat.again the beauty of it is there are no restrictions,....go crazy and I will be waiting with angst to see your take on a fantastic model.

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    Well the issue is out on Friday and I have to wait for it to be delivered (I missed out on the last one with a free mini so I pre ordered straight from gw this time) so hopefully it'll arrive Saturday. I think you always beat the official paint jobs mate, seeing them here makes me want to get them much more than gw photos do . I like to do them accurate to the game setting on the off chance I ever decide to sell some stuff off in the future.

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    Defiantly understandable. And thank you so much sicks flattery will get you EVERYWHRRE!!!

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    Thanks my mate sicks.

    Here's an update they are coming together still some work to do but Name:  image.jpg
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    Pics were tough on this time round but we all can give Janet a pass she's almost always on the point guard!!! Lol enjoy until next update which will probably be in a few minutes!!! Lololol

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    Really nice, BAM! I like the snow base with the skulls too.

    You know, I think most of us associate you with rusty dirty metals... but those clean (well just a bit of blood) shiny metals on the swords turned out great. I think all the blood and dirt hid it so I didn't realize that you do some very nice TMM.

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    Ahhhh yes thank you baily one of the first things I started doing was just keep most of the weaponry on the chaos guys with just the tips in blood this way I could get a very nice matallycs showcase of my Tmm which I really learned way way back before the epiphany of blood , guys and the like. I think it's been quite a hit getting all great feedback from you, skels, David Soper and TENBall. So as we evolve as hobbyists the style does too. So the odds have it that this will be how ill be showcasing both of my favorite skills which is beaten down bloody dirty and shinny Tmm in all its wonder. I thank you so much David as again comments from the godfathers of mini painting (and ill say it again your paintjobs are my favorite) have given me a thumbs up in the direction Im starting to go in.

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    Hey BAM,

    I have to agree the Metalwork on these is very nice. I also like the tone and the play of light across the flesh in the highlights, it gives some real depth to the volumes of the sculpt and life to the paint jobs.

    If I was to pick something to offer as constructive criticism it would be that I'm not seeing that same variation in the shadows of the flesh. Its there in the cords on individual muscles that you've added, but the shadow separations between muscles groups in the contours of the sculpt seem all very similar shades. I think the same could be said for the red of the armour but in the highlights (shading is great here) they all seem similar in tone. Now grain of salt here I realise that it could all just be the camera or the monitor I'm looking at it on. And its only a very small thing but one of those that I think would add some that hard to quantify element that elevates a paint job to greatness.

    That said these are way up there in the stratosphere already. Nice job.

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    I'm pretty sure mate the image isn't the greatest I don't know what but anything that isn't single figure it's seems to be not giving the proper gradients. What it also might be is that my style of merging two light sources 1 zen that in some area and 2 general in othersBut because I'm such a harsh critic I'll see on my next works to address it even more. Thanks everybody and stew buddy thanks so much for all types of great stuf.
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    Truly gorgeous as usual! My only "annoyance" is just that I prefer the bare head of the spear guy

    Are you basing them on a common diorama as well?

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    Thanks so much iatebanannas. Yes they def will be on a larger scenic base. Hopefully I could finish these fully.but I never can tell.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BloodASmedium View Post
    Thanks so much iatebanannas. Yes they def will be on a larger scenic base. Hopefully I could finish these fully.but I never can tell.
    Haha! I know the feeling. Allways seems there's another cool project just waiting around^^

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    Here's whats being finished up in the table : enjoy bases ill be waiting for the next time I order from cmon so they'll be done as soon as I can folks.dame thing on the ork by Dennis soul!!! There is also a pic of the triumvirate under a general light source . Diff sources diff things.
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    They look awesome but don't use red back ground, we lose all the details.

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