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Thread: Showing my newest works before I get into things!

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    Lllooollllk dead beats ok so ill be working diligently on the plague marines and the bust just need to run to mom in laws house and grab the rest of the painting goodies.thats is where he's resting !!! I put him in cryo for the move!!

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    Really happy that you came to a dead end with that move. HAHAHAHA LOL
    Now you'll need to settle down on the new place... try to not dig to deep... when doing so. xD

    Seriously, I am happy that you have ended this process I am sure this will make you improve even more your miniature output.
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    Thanks Mae!!! BREAKING NEWS - THEY HAVE JUST FINISHED MY LAYOUT (Shane Rozzell chief editor for FIGURE PAINTER MAGAZINE) I think Someone we know will be the next "INSIGHT INTERVIEW" if you haven't downloaded figure painter magazine please show your support of this great online magazine!!! Which idiot me always thought it came in print as well. I know I know what a bonehead.embarrasing.

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    Coming up one order of 28 deathguard all starts with 3 .Name:  IMG_3397_edited.jpg
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Size:  1.90 MB Diff things done on diff mods it's how I work usually. Gives an overall balance , keeps em looking somewhat in the same area. What I plan is the colors of contagion. And the other two JOE mooks - in the dark imperium set. These guys will be wonderful to peek at when done and honestly I'm painting these not for crystal as my blood bowl team is in there which I've yet to finish. These are basically models I've always lived the idea but hated what was out. Until these showed up!!!
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    Loving all the details that go into these guys! Deliciously disgusting!

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    Good stuff, man. A 20-strong squad of those well-groomed fellows will look quite intimidating.
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    their looking excellent so far. really cool

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    Tonight we settle for jannies i phone cam !!!!;/ ill be up at the(ass)crack of dawn the fasse I finish these easy to build snappy guys the faster I get to dig in to the "dark imperium dudes!"
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    Looking awesome as per usual!

    I really like the fleshy approach for the tentacles and bursts and stuff. Gives a nice contrast to the sickly green and somehow makes it look even worse than in bright colours. Feels more... real I guess.
    (it also happens to be the same approach I'm taking with the Dark Imperium set, but that does not factor in at all. Great choice though )

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    ATE your bannanas - thank you my friend. Let me explain ladies and gents why these two colors were picked- first off I chose a lime green in the simple fact that the weathering would show up against it more prominent. And also this is what I feel showcased the death guard best. It's a desaturated color in case. Now we all know kiddies (crypt keeper) that I'm a stickler for COMPLIMENTERY COKORS- so it's an easy one red/green- but it also must follow along the lines of what I started with. So pinkish / lime green is where we ended up. If I would've used a more prime red it would look funny. So Remember to keep your compliments in the range of your palette!!!

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    Easy to see why you won best weathering at NOVA! Awesome looking guys. And you're doing 28 of them!? You know we were all joking about bringing a 30 man squad to Crystal Brush, right?

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    Flu coming from the most improved painter I know since I began competing again in 2015 that is music to my auditory oscissals !!! Ears - lol thanks so much buddy. Hmm that was a joke loooollllool yeah I'm just teasing ill start with 5 and ill decide from there if it's going to be a banner on one of them or my usual shear numbers games if 10.

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    You're making me rethink my idea to bring a squad of plague marines to CB.

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    I glad I aim to please mate!!! Still undecided on these if they'll be 10 or a 5 man with a banner and some great post apocalyptic bases!!! . The forums are great for giving incentives , ideas and well just plain great inspiration!!Name:  IMG_2236.jpg
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Size:  1.06 MB Plenty of work still left to do !!!! Thanks everybody and to those who wanted to see BaMs version of the death guard complete with uber weathering. Here's what they look like at this point.

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    Do this in banner form!

    For CB, a well done freehand banner goes a long way in the judges eyes.

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    Father Nurgle with the head of a cute furby but that gross tongue makes up for it. The Deathguard are coming along nicely and look suitably disgusting.

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    I agree Pappa Nurgle is very happy with your work!
    Nice going BAM!

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    Geez wiz Derek you might as well picked the MONA LISA!!!! LOLOLool ok I'm up for a challenge I'll try it out!!! Sweet pic my man.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fluisterwoud View Post
    Do this in banner form!

    For CB, a well done freehand banner goes a long way in the judges eyes.
    yes do this, it would be full of awesome

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    That banners great but too tough for me to tackle ...was thinking something a bit easier something along this lineName:  IMG_2269.JPG
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    Ill just lye on my back for ,I dunno .. about 20 years and eat nothing but the host and holy water and should have it done in record time flat.

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