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Thread: Showing my newest works before I get into things!

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    I love the work great ScotpirateNurgle bag pipe guy! hes a bit gruesome with his guts bag pipe! very BAMolicious!

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    Very nice mate, two totally different looking nurgles yet works well together... I do like the high res photos you put up, gives a really good insight into how you apply your magic... really looking forward to seeing a whole unit of these guys... epic work !!!

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    Yank you much ,CC and CANNY - the most gilded bunch of GOLD-ENS!!! The most golden ever!!!

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    Today I’ll be finishing off the bagpiper and starting the base and beginning to sink my brush into the third monster- what I feel is a bit tougher than the other two- pox scribner !!! So stay tuned also finishing up some avatar of war models for Janet to give to her friend.

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    I’m really looking forward to Big Mouth (can’t spell or remember his actual name). These Nurgle releases are awesome and I’m loving seeing what you’re doing with them while I start on the snail guy.

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    the look great next to each other, i like all the scratches and marks on the bag pipers hats. liking the colours in the flesh to.

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    They're absolutely flawless! I'm going to save these as a reference for what orruk armor should look like.

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    Foxy- I have in mind already the way your going to paint that snail dude - that’s by all accounts a tough lil model- not as tough as north but tough indeed- your gonnakill it- btw the grey overcoat in the inquisitor was amazing blended.
    cotote-my dear boy thank you so so much- your the golden goods!!!
    DARCY- my amazing friend and co artist- how the heck are you!!! Thank you so so much for your words my dear friend. You know your welcome here anytime. Btw keep up your great progress!!!

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    Noon progression update!!!
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    Now ladies and gentle men ( SHALL WE BEGIN!!! )Name:  57E91E95-9D6E-4F89-99C2-A7CDB4A212E9.jpg
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    Can’t wait to see how you turn this one into a piece of awesomeness.... I’m predicting a bit of micro freehand coming up on that scroll this is going to be one gruesome squad

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    Such a weird model, but I love it. Have you finished it yet? I wanna see

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    Get your gloop here! will be a fitting addition to the nurlge team.

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    You guys are sooo welcomed always on this thread!!! After all your the folks that keep this active for me!!! I love you guys- such a VLASSY bunch- my fathrr used to say you CANNOT TEACH CLASS!!! You have it or you don’t!!! Sad to say there are criminals with more class in their finger than some folks!!! Love and respect and appreciate all of you.
    Can- gloppity gloop here! Lol
    fox - lol not done yet - working diligently on em! Lol
    CC- I waaas sooo looking forward to that- however the words along with every other parchment detail GW has taken the liberty of actually recessively sculpting each and every bit. Yessir even the word are imprinted in it. So boo for no freehand and ..well ..yay for no freehand!!!

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    What in the hell is that thing.
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    You should freehand some anatomy pages on that scroll. Or even a page or two from the Necronomnomnom.
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    LOLOL I’ll def try- vitruvian man!!! LOLOL necrominucing symbols I should be able to squeeze in- thanks for the sweet idea Meph.

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    Lololol me too- toughest one yet- in cursing already- lololol I’m sure we all know that feeling!!!

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    App let’s start this days thread off right- tonight James Name:  4B03689C-C5A7-4902-8DE1-DB5BE4753BE9.jpg
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