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Thread: Showing my newest works before I get into things!

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    Banets! Haha love it.
    My WIP -
    "Screw paint by numbers, that garbage is for kids. Paint by BAM, now that's the way to go
    ." -Me-

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    Think my wife has this Etsy thing ??? She’s always buying stuff... think I might have to check it out...

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    You huts are awesome thanks a million gents. Hang around updates today!!!

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    LOLOL yeah your 100% right ter!!! lol Bamets.

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    Ahhhhh like father like corgi!!!! ahhh morning folks :/

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    The bloodbowlers are getting along only a few fights here and there... oh and someone thought it was funny to lock the handling in the lockers- upside down- :/ . Everybody’s psyched to hopefully make the finals. That’s my aspirations this year. Being I saw not only the largest number of Europeans to date but some of my old friends I rem Er who are slayer sword winners will be attending- Tom Schadle , Chris borer is another rumored favorite, tony Orteza etc etc. so I’m ramping up the favorite part of the painting phases- detail work. You see it’s always a two part process with judging -1) the quick overview is what they do first , basically anything that catches their eye is moved to the actual judging round. This 2) is where they scrutinize the models on a bunch of facets- like technique, creativity, presentation, theme , composition and color choice. So I’m putting many Xtra details on each of the many details that are already in lace. I won’t tell anybody where but when the pics go up you all can have some fun finding them.
    stay tuned.

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    Ter I JUST KNEW youde live that.

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    Into the cloak and hair while hitting the arms in between!!!Name:  678D01BE-B329-4742-9C43-BD6B4C0A22E7.jpg
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Size:  831.5 KBpignent powders were used sparingly in the places rust would build.
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    Default Tailgate anyone

    Ahh the good ol days- scrimmage / pickup games in the sandlots/ scrapyards while on the sidelines many a tailgate going on with much booze!!! nuttin like playing while your sauced eh!!!
    What nobody did that—— err uhh - ME NEITHER!!! Name:  3D4F4134-BFBE-49CA-9FA4-CE5ECDF7B8BB.jpeg
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    Bad Moon Grog! Yes!

    Vamp dude looking really tight as well BAM...loving the updates.

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    LMAO, Bam and his baby. That was priceless bud. Thanks for sharing hahaha.
    My WIP -
    "Screw paint by numbers, that garbage is for kids. Paint by BAM, now that's the way to go
    ." -Me-

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    My dog loves sleeping in the same position. She's such a proper lady.

    Good tips on the details. Lots and lots of details...

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    Hair - thanks a mundo !!!! tight like a clams ass!!! Lol
    diggs- knew youde like that!!!
    Derek me boy- lololol proper lady. Lololol yessir de-tailsi think while I finish up my CB entries- I’ll start on EVERY SUNGLE WARBAND FROM SHADESPYRE. So I can play that game it looks sick. And they’ll be ready for NOVA. Also will be painting the goliaths and the rest of my deathguard and three bangin models I got from Stephen Simon!!! Why not all we have is time. And my newest cliche “a dollar and a dream!!!”
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    Blood bowl 99% done- get ready to have your heads blown. As for the bust just started laying in shading for the sash/ cape /whatever. Btw iT was bailys idea for this type of red. IT Made much more ssense in theorie and worked out marvelously. Instead of The primary red i was goung to Use Which was like aan Apple red. Very Saturated ,Bali’s Saïd Lets get The red desaturated to show The Dried bloodstains, As iT would-be Be a bit hard to show Dries Blood in top of aan intense red. Hè advocates to cut The red with diff types of greys for The base , The schade and The highlight. This would-be stil keep iT red and not show up pink as if you were kust using whites and blacks etc etc. Brilliant Guy.Name:  9A4142D2-F9E8-4DE6-8EFF-098A59857D01.jpg
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    Yeah, if you want a less intense color, it may seem like a good idea to add white. But a grey can create some very nice desaturated results. As I said to BAM, I try to mix in greys that have a similar light/dark value to my color. So for the basic red, ideally a medium grey. For the red highlight, a light grey. And for the red shade, a dark grey. That way you aren't changing how light or dark the color is, just how saturated it is. Also, that way you can also more easily control the saturation for the highlights and shadows too. You can decide if you want to go 50/50 color and grey for all three or perhaps you want the color to be more saturated in the shadows (75/25 color to grey) and less saturated in the highlights (25/75 color to grey). I used a similar approach on the coat for my dwarf pirate.

    By the way, when I initially suggested the color shift, I was thinking how the weathering would look over the desaturated red vs the strong red. But, seeing this stage, it also contrasts very nicely with the blood on his face. I feel like that red stands out more than before. I think the new color definitely fits the piece well. Going to be a strong entry at CB to be sure!

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    That's a really nice piece.
    It's only a flesh wound!!!

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    Interesting Bailey, I will have to try this its sound very interesting. Looking good Bam. Now Im going to search your wip for the deathwatch overkill minis so I can have a gander before I start planning mine.

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    Vampie's face has really come alive, (or as much as an undead dude's skin can). Painting skills have come a long way. Gives me hope.

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