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Thread: Showing my newest works before I get into things!

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    Im putting this next progress report image up so here it is the upper body arm bandages are done
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    Developing nice as usual dude, always good to see someone else's project move along

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    What's wrong with Pita, yes it might be a little dry, but with some hummus or tzatziki sauce and chicken kabob the are quite nice! Seriously though, that 1st pic in the last bunch really shows off that glazing, which looks amazing!

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    Thanks gents !!!Name:  6E8758B8-AB27-4B86-A850-D692427669A0.jpeg
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Size:  1.38 MBa second pic with emphasis on those dirty bloody bandagesName:  4487D8C7-9C4C-4052-BE8B-0EE6AFFA27F2.jpeg
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    These are looking amazing- as usual. Honestly I’m liking the skin tones and everything so far even better than the garreks reivers you did recently.

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    Suitably grim BaM! Loving the bloody tip of that broken off horn on the left guy.

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    Name:  9AFC5DE3-687E-4F9B-B94B-3A7FA9C3DCAE.jpeg
Views: 137
Size:  1.23 MB Here’s me putting up my own photos cause Janet’s our-Name:  D8DB9B2F-59A8-473B-AC60-6EDC9F3ED002.jpeg
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Size:  1.19 MBName:  9EF2AA9E-03EC-43D2-8A06-540914490327.jpeg
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    These look a lot better than the previous ones, and those guys look great! That space marine looks a little weird though (something is wrong with his head or at least the hair bit) You must tell me your secrets of good photography, because mine are horrible at the moment!
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    Well thanks muchos eks- these photos are set by Janet but I screwed with the stewing s and did something wrong she said -tomorrow I’ll tell you all her screws settings etc- I got yo back-
    the soace marone is stilll a slooow wip right now just his face is really finished it’s an experiment when he’s done I’ll let all know what kind he is. . Thanks always my dear friend for the praise eks.
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    Default And one more time

    Let’s play it again samName:  7F0F0303-FC23-4764-A924-2F667B4D8A79.jpeg
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Size:  1.76 MBName:  38B0AE8F-F4D9-45AE-95BF-418C31CE2B25.jpeg
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Size:  1.44 MBName:  E9CFD525-139C-4BE7-BE5B-D2316CA6CB6B.jpeg
Views: 133
Size:  1.76 MB now withnew inproved scars

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    Early morn to afternoon progress-here’s the flesh fine tuned I’ll again get Janet to do the better pictures as I had no idea what I was touching- I just touched everydial etc etc- and detail work like scares and sliced skin .Name:  847B9CAD-0341-4E42-BA9A-404F86389BD4.jpeg
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Size:  1.49 MBName:  33F4FA07-4E91-4993-9177-9111AE347731.jpeg
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Size:  1.63 MBName:  F3F08492-2091-4B5D-B6D2-39B8DA8056FB.jpeg
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    This is what happens when artists respect one another- a met a quite amazing friend/historical and fantasy painter a year ago . I always loved his work- I met him at MFCA - he actually stopped competing being he won best in show 2years in a row and never recieved grand master -terrible however both of us sharing passion for our craft .he gave me his only copy left only it’s also the only one cast in pewter . Amazing I’ll cherish this forever thought you guys might want to see and enjoy it as well. Name:  3CA0CA1B-2958-41B9-903E-CA8A7EF676CB.jpg
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Size:  966.2 KB Name:  7D7BC2EB-72C3-4611-BBDB-EAD329FBC5F6.jpg
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Size:  854.0 KBName:  9B31D737-2998-43FA-815D-28943A75C27A.jpg
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    Great work on the flesh BaM, the boils look suitably disturbing.

    That is a great looking T-Rex statue your friend gave you. Are you planning on painting it?

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    Gorby- WELLLL HEEEELLLLLS NOOOO!!’ Lol too beutuful I like it this way I get to see all that sculpted beauty !!!

    Name:  78369642-72C9-487C-A635-E8EFEB8EB46B.jpeg
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    Early morn start- so a bit of movement -at the end of the days session I should have a nice amount of progress in these and the flesh of the next too.Name:  36746A86-E159-4F1A-8E06-003F3E057897.jpeg
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    That T-rex figure is really cool, especially like the built in scenic base on it. I think the only thing I would do is maybe throw a black or green wash over it to bring out some of the detail, , but can completely understand why you want to leave it as is!

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    Getting ready to go to beddie by land-

    herrs a few things Name:  5617DF26-96AE-4C68-BAB1-734E4494480E.jpeg
Views: 82
Size:  47.2 KBmasterclass level overall winner /unit category-2nd year in a row- that’s last year judged by (Roman “jarhead” lappat,Matt dipietro ,David Taylor, / this year the same along with Sam Lenz ,and Caleb wisenback.)
    finished up today the underneath of the models-where the sun don’t shine.Name:  FAFD451F-2A74-4A60-B1DF-650FFCB53CF5.jpeg
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Size:  1.38 MBName:  133D9A68-7836-4A45-BF31-690792BF49EC.jpeg
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Size:  1.27 MB Resume tomorrow.
    back to the liberators!!!

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    Dear diary - lolololol

    moving on I’m typical chaotic fashion 2 fleshes down on to the next two fleshes (FISHIES) lol just felt like righting that.
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    You are right, of course, the T Rex looks awesome, so much detail.

    The fleshies are coming along nicely, the finishes ones look awesome!

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    Cool T-Rex.
    Horn-hat freaks also look nice.

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