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Thread: Showing my newest works before I get into things!

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    Looks like the dead centre of town..

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    Ahh ahh Ahahahahahaahha

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    Let me hear em boys :!!!!!! Where r the jokes !!!

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    Hey, that's going to be great inspiration for all of your skull covered chaotic bases. Just go sit in there after dark and soak up all that inspiration.

    Speaking of bases, you should check out the new Terrible Kids Stuff's witch hunter. Got a great skull base that's just your style.

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    That's why David Powell is so super fruckin awesome !!!! He not only knows great models for himself to paint- he also knows what's best for my tastes!!! Thanks David!!! Consider me ordering this!!!!

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    Great to see the move finally happened. I know it's been a long hectic adventure.

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    Thanks much is Derek it's been a nightmare with the buyers from hell!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by BloodASmedium View Post
    He not only knows great models for himself to paint- he also knows what's best for my tastes!!!
    It's always easier to spend someone else's money! =P

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    Glad the move's worked out for you BaM! You seem to have been wrestling with it for as long as I've been on the forum haha. Now crack the paints open!

    I'm going to be hitting you up for weathering advice too. I've taken the plunge and ordered Mortarion and I will be in need of assistance with him

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    LOLOL Bails that's so true! I spent Janet's. at NOVA OPEN!!!
    Indeed foxy !!! I'm am always available to aid my peers and co hobbyists it'd be my pleasure!!!

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    Hah! No need to notify the neighbours when you're having party!
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    Llllloooooollllllloooollll you know me about noticing neighbors -I'm DEAD SET AGAINST IT!!!! Holy shit I made a funny!!!

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    Thank god im able to paint again!!! Enjoy and stay tuned for this 8 man death guard squad!!! Maybe 20 who knows Name:  IMG_2072.jpg
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    Default A tip from the weatherman

    Guys a quick tip to get the best possible consitancy across the models what I started doing about a year ago is after all the models are done then ill give final shading with GW washes and ill also give final highlights to the zeniths of the model this way each model has the same light source results etc etc. the highlights ill use secret weapon washes which are amazing for literally highlighting the brightest parts with a nicely already thinned down wash which acts as a glazing of bright colors. They work great. Enjoy.

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    Swwwweeeeeetnesss flu seeeeet-nessss

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    Highlight with Secret Weapon? Interesting. What colours?

    (the dudes look great, of course)

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    Thanks oist , for instance on these guys I've highlights with secret weapon called "fallout" it's a bright lime green. On flesh colors ill highlight with cotton candy (maybe mixed with a bit of off white!)

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    I have a bottle of Fallout I've hardly used, I'll try to remember to put that to the test.

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    Grats on finally getting through the move bud. Sorry your neighbors are a bunch of dead beats, but at least they wont make to much noise. lol. Now wheres my ork bust :P hahaha.
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