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Thread: Showing my newest works before I get into things!

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    Hey, just remember even little nurglings like puppet shows, even if it is just some freakish mutant with his arm up a blow fly's wazzoo!

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    I always thought humans were the only ones doing prostate exams....... Just can’t keep up with changing times i guess

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    Lolololol youuuu guuuys youuuu guyyyys.
    Well you can’t be too careful we need 20/20 datelines -HANSON VS GELLERPOX- so do you think a guy as old and diseased as yourself feel it’s appropriate to go up the wazoo of a bot fly!!!!! Wait wait I just have a few more questions -but who are you ..... I’ll get to that in a moment-I have the transcript from the servi skull !!!!

    here is a pic of all of them mostly done what I call frontheavy IOW CHEST HEADS (not octopi guy just yet) give you a pretty accurate look at what they look like in a presence of each other standing in the4-3 formation large in the rear(I have the transcripts from the servo skull) 3 small in the front jammies pictures. No touch ups none of that photo shop shit plain as day clear as a clear night. So neat ,clean,vibrant is the recipe for usually bagging golden demons - well let’s see if we can make them reconsider

    enjoy Name:  C91A548E-2996-481C-9538-5220E24884F2.jpeg
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    That’s one thing I like about your photos....they aren’t photoshopped to within an inch of their lives. We get to see it warts and all. Well warts and vomit and pus and other assorted bodily fluids. I’m starting to get a bit cranky with all the touched up photos of minis being posted as some seem to alter their supposed paint job to the point where you don’t know where reality ends and computer aided work begins. How can you rate that fairly? Things like changing white balance to resemble real life is ok. My rant is over.

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    Incredible work BaM, there is so much detail, yet each model has a clear focal point. Taking notes as fast as I can scribble

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    I know it's been said a hundred times, but Bam man your weathering is good lol. Not just weathering, but the blood, goo, slime, everything.

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    Totally agree! ^^^^

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    Looks incredible BaM! Not much more to say!

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    These guys look so good, you're a master at gross paint jobs!

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    Just cannot wait to see this finished. This will be like your master thesis on "perfect paintjob" thumbs up!!!

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    Just another project of many projects . Name:  3C8A3CA9-E1B3-44E2-A898-6532F3925FAE.jpeg
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    Again with the skin tones BaM, you are just stealing the show with these Looking great!

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    GW has been pumping out great models by the fistful for several years now. Only you have the speed & dedication to paint them all! Do we finally see cleaned up BaM painting on this egghead? Can’t wait to see what color scheme you go with, bud.

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    Uhhh very excited for the psiker/(psyker?). The face looks very good already. Probably one of my next projects too

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