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Thread: Showing my newest works before I get into things!

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    You got some mighty fine works to put on the table, I say look out to the competition !!! Well done mate and best of luck!!!

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    BaM, I love this stuff! You definitely have a recognizable style. I love the look of the Bloodbowl minis, it reminds me of colorized old films on American football. Like a gritty nostalgia. The vampire is unsettling in its realism. And the arena Rex mini has a great film quality, and I mean that in the best way. I have loved watching your work throughout 2017, thanks for keeping this thread going.

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    Frightening yet illustrious group. Few people work as hard as you when it comes to mini painting BAM. Hopefully can meet you in person this year.

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    Now this makes me EXTREMELY HAPPY. I loved logging on this morn and seeing CC thanks my good chap!!!
    BUT LET ME TELL YOU SEEING MIGHTY CHAD WHO IS AN AMAZING MULTI GOLDEN DEMON WINNER TELLING ME THAT EVEN THOUGH HE HE HAD A FULL HOUSE OF PERSONAL DUTIES IN THE PAST YEAR HE LET ME ONOW HOW HE FELT ABOUT MY WORK AND BEEN VIEWING IT FOR A BIT NOW. That my friends is an absolutely awesome feeling from him. Hope all is well MC and hope to see some updates on the forum from you. And congrats at Gencon!!!
    FLUNK U TRON- what can I say he entered Crystal last year and every single one of his entries past to the first cut into the finals. Hearing from him is equally rewarding as I undoubtedly love his signature painting. Thank you guys. And TRON I’ll make it my business to see you there in person.

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    Man, what a nice bunch you've got painted up this year. It would be a blast to see them, and their creator, in person. Good luck at the competitions, mate.

    Oh, and that beige-brown paint pot on the middle-left is not closed properly. Get your act together, man, slacker!

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    Lolololol I spilled it !!! Yep dumb fuck spilled it!!!:/ lolol

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    Btw Meph - one Love - STAY BLACK - you crazy sumuvabitch!!! (Italian, bkln Bensonhurst way of saying SOB) lol

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    An old model but watch the difference in Janet’s photography skills. I love this Asian broad. Layer in the day compare this to Aquila and the lord of blight that I’ll be posting on this thread with Janet’s quality photos!!! Name:  D2BE62A0-3126-4786-AAFF-DDDF5E3B17C1.jpg
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    I k folks been a while for proper photos these were rushed a bit and she was tired cranky and (PMS)ing :/ so I didn’t want to put on my waders and “go fishing in MEGALADON INFESTED WATERS” lol so I got these and one of Aquila I blew up to 2.5 xs the size of him on his plinth. So they’ll be seeing it actual size Name:  F075F8F6-BBCC-4F77-8614-ECA05E58934D.jpeg
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Size:  1.23 MBName:  0674B73D-EB39-4821-BDE7-43E1A6E10B95.jpeg
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Size:  1.27 MBName:  D0E69D19-CB3B-4346-A23D-30953B7B0230.jpeg
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Size:  1.12 MBName:  A723EA36-268A-4FE7-8848-BECE87BC7CA4.jpeg
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Size:  910.0 KBName:  C9C1E9E1-CB20-4E4F-8F99-16444E9C7187.jpeg
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    BTW the lord of blight will not be at adeptikin he’ll be ready for Nova- he and his herald brethren

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    That group shot is looking great, can't wait to see this stuff in the cases.

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    Back to commissions and in between lord of blight Name:  D29D5420-52B4-41CF-B9E3-499642422D04.jpeg
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    All truths go thru 3 stages. Ex( paintball isn’t a sport , which is what people said when it started to blow up. OR maybe some schmuck who blew up at something overnight .

    1stly -IT IS RIDICULED
    2ndly- IT IS OPPOSED
    3rdly -IT IS “ACCEPTED” as being self evident!!!

    reach for the stars folks !!!!!

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    Just putting ideas together for a bit of an outcrop of that sort. Again he will be part of you guessed it a squad, unit whatever they call em. Him alongside the scrivener and the slobbily piper!!! The dude with the heat . And the other has parchment with a huuuuge mouth on the end of his trunk. You
    this will be decorated with ground cover(dead of course) and other bits of dead vegetation!!!
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    So I’ve started a new base theme it can be perceived once finished as a Ricky outcrop . Or an outcrop of larger cliff type rock that occurs in forests around the border where a cliff dips down . Trees become less and more scattered as it approaches this layered type of rock. I’ve done this by using such an easy but super effective idea. Woodland scenic sells these flat rocks. They are made of feldspar I believe. All I did was mix and match them and layered them onto the top of one another creating the outcrop..I’m going to have a lot of deadfall and other things that will consist of ground cover made of def vegetation etc. It was easy to pin this model on it as it can be drilled very easily. Here’s the result Name:  A91D483A-C1BD-41AD-84E9-B5377D14E74A.jpeg
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Size:  1.86 MBhere are pictures of them on their own and then four diff configurations with this layering them into one another.Name:  7E8B547E-E59C-4B66-ABF1-9D3D5B525CB6.jpeg
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Size:  1.87 MBName:  166F20AF-8165-436E-9474-A34C8D23C471.jpg
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    Yessir MaMs however this guy has nothing from that co on his. this is more of model car stuff and material like aluminum- presenting totally finished my DARK AGE ENTRY
    Name:  E5BC0219-94E2-45E0-87AA-66D1DBD19812.jpeg
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Size:  1.25 MBEnjoy cause CB is getting closer now.

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    My miniture cabinet of ..well minis and achievement it’s gotten much smaller only keeping the good stuff. I’ve downsized from 400 minis from my past and present to now bout 120. Including units Name:  A267F8A9-8E84-4140-92D9-AE043E39265C.jpeg
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Size:  1.88 MBand in the bottom my unitsName:  23C293B4-08BA-4EBD-A2BA-8B1B99B5EBE8.jpeg
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    That’s one sweet looking cabinet !!!!

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