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Thread: Showing my newest works before I get into things!

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    You know I’ve never done that fleshy thing -I want to but I always feel like if I have to travel to let’s say -GOLDEN DEMON -I have a feeling it won’t make the flight with out those gobs of goo going gobs of gone.

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    Great job on the current unit. Not sure if it is adequate, but I'd consider applying some tattoos to these guys.
    If you think it is inadequate, just ignore my comment ;-)

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    Lol your good graishak - great idea - tats are really something that I normally don’t do as my use of warts and scratches etc would conflict with them- also in the past when I’ve dine them unless it’s a nice area size to work with,they really don’t look great with my style. I’ve learned a king time ago I stay “in my lane” and do only what I’m good at and what works for myself. :-)
    ok guys here’s some surprises for the viewers some cracks and blood -these weapons are not polished off before bed- they consistently use these in very brutal ways day in day out
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    Duuuude I LOOOOOOVE that weaponry!!!!! Came out wonderful! I’m gonna have to try to adapt that somehow to future projects... if I ever get to them...

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    Brilliant work!

    what "recipe" do you use for the blood? It looks really realistic.

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    This is looking bloody (cough) fantastic BaM! The weapons are spectacular!

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