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Thread: Showing my newest works before I get into things!

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    Lovely painting mate, great collection of minis
    1. 'Painting is a companion with whom one may hope to walk a great part of life's journey.' W. Churchill
    Thank you for asking but I don't do commissions.

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    Nice one John!
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    Omg thank you all so so much 10 I knew you were stopping by thanks a million !!!!and gorby 1 love son!!!!

    and my favorite administrator and just simply my god good friend MR MIKE DODDS!!!!

    all the live and best to all of you !!!!!!

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    Big congratulations on the article and potential column in FigureMentors. That is well deserved, I would say! The marines are really shaping up nicely and I'm always impressed by how painting one great mini isn't enough but you insist on painting whole squads at a time which would drive me mental. Keep up the excellent work, my friend!

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    As usual I'm leaving this thread suitable amazed, congrats on you well deserved fame!

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    Thanks maxwin and thanks kuribo!!!

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    Learn from the masters! I think there's nothing to add. Congratulations uncle BaM!

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    congrats on the article bam, jay is a really awesome guy. was about to write something for the mag too eventually but yeah then stexit happened
    great painting as always

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    Thanks so much Stefan . Yeah he’s great. ..... lolol the stexit

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    Geez Louise BaM...Those smurfs look amaaaazing. Just like they should after half a lifetime of slogging it out with xenos and chaos. I bought the mag as soon as it came out.

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    Thanks so much jo!!! Guys I’m a bit busy atm so if I’m not on here as much do me a favor and leave link or a note to any models that you have finished in the gallery!!!Name:  41E6B319-8403-49CE-B77E-9CABA4F509E5.jpeg
Views: 270
Size:  1.10 MBName:  1CACAF55-5A4C-4FD2-AC67-AB61C9B57CB5.jpeg
Views: 269
Size:  1.11 MBName:  1C240273-AE32-4A7C-8E56-835EF0BCA6B2.jpeg
Views: 266
Size:  1.49 MBName:  B165A276-4B7A-4D44-9EDC-58F0C69D36A5.jpg
Views: 268
Size:  863.0 KBName:  DD6F560B-FC48-4029-8BDF-6FABED245ADD.jpg
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Size:  793.0 KB

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    Great group shot! Hope you have fun with what ever else you are doing!

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    These guys are going to be a really awesome looking squad when done. They look like they've seen some stuff Keep the updates coming when you have time!

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    Now you’re really just showing off. I look at my grey plastic marines and throw them back in the box. One day my little day.

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    Ok men we have some good stuff here and there first off is nicely on my inquisitorial detachment of the ultras. Then I have the fijj mi I shed version of a very lengthy and comprehensive SBS in the website of figure mentors (I am an editor and admin) super excited .
    Name:  130D82B7-C058-43EB-BED1-55F1A4A66243.jpeg
Views: 214
Size:  1.26 MBName:  29106CE7-6551-4AA9-9F24-D2C47BC08C64.jpeg
Views: 217
Size:  886.2 KBName:  8848496C-FCFF-4691-AFD8-EC26A0F566C7.jpeg
Views: 220
Size:  855.7 KBName:  A7093A8C-49A5-4868-97FA-FF40CF738AE1.jpeg
Views: 218
Size:  1.12 MB

    Name:  F52AB229-0654-4E40-ADED-24444F9E224B.jpg
Views: 218
Size:  1.15 MBName:  0A304767-9175-4DD8-86D8-7B5DD386C0D9.jpg
Views: 211
Size:  1.22 MBName:  5B560F10-375B-49A0-8D0A-75DAF093F54F.jpg
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Size:  1.29 MB
    Enjoy folks
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    That Necron really caught my attention!! So unique!

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    So a few things mates- imSTILL ALIVE -lol no COVID HAS NOT TAKEN ME !!! Just very busy especially now with the figuremff egg more thing/ I knew it would tip my plate but the e posture is worth it -
    now a big awesome NEWS— WE HAVE JOCELYN BACK -THSTS JUST EFFIN AWESOME -I can’t say how excited I am for that. ALSO COOLMINI IS STILL MY BABY - I worked very hard through countless hours to be a notable chap on this site and it’s always my first love- my friends are my family - the moderators are incredible I love cmon -

    now I’ve also began work in the newest member we of my inquisitor group
    Name:  3A3F4AA8-799B-4993-B40B-5A60DEC749B6.jpeg
Views: 123
Size:  1.43 MBName:  CBC67C44-0F83-47BA-926A-F559A48B2A2F.jpeg
Views: 122
Size:  1.22 MBName:  0872AA85-D93F-4D60-845D-4ECDBAF5BBA0.jpeg
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Size:  1.35 MBName:  35DD7EFE-E138-403F-8BB9-D4A500598C38.jpeg
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    Default Up now


    go give an old powder blue rust bucket some love!!!

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