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Thread: Showing my newest works before I get into things!

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    Man BaM that new units looking great. I know we’re all gutted about Adepticon and GD, but it was the right move. Hopefully this whole thing won’t last long and other comps will still be a go. Looking forward to seeing them all in person at Nova at the least.

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    Yup....those last pics remind me so much of living and working in a tropical area and all the abscesses that would need to be drained so well done on making my brain draw that correlation. Better things were cancelled to reduce virus transmission. Disappointing but necessary.

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    Well well well thank you all so much this always means so much to me emotionally . You all are a golden bunch- here more updates further along but here’s more puss filled shit to tantalize your taste buds-
    Name:  C9554B56-38F6-4E85-A606-3BEFE4811A53.jpeg
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Size:  1.25 MBName:  A13D88E5-A384-41D3-A6BA-BC0853C24C8A.jpeg
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    Your painting is, as always, jawdropping, but it is your groundwork that is the cherry on the cake; every time!



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    That base for the Chaos Warrior looks pretty freakin' cool!

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    Where are my dogs at!!!! Get yo lazy asses Over on the gallery and TROW some comments on !!!

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    Voted. Love this cold and bloody vignette. BAM at his best.

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    My lazy ass is too lazy to vote. No really, voted.

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    I’ll ao update here we go 3 shots -heavily corroded and decaying weapons gifted withnurglez rot.
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    Loving the work as usual Bam, the Chaos Lord is awesome. Great basing too

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    Just noticed how wonderful the bloody mace mr. fish head Minotaur has. You can see where the layers add up to something quite realistic. It has such an aged look with blood that has collected dust and dried. I’m having trouble painting with 9 and a half fingers so I’m just going to spam your WIP.

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    Lolol thanks Jojo !!!
    Eki the goods
    sigmar the goods goods
    gorb -master artisan

    guys get in that chaos dude and vote/ leave some comments it’s like everybody thinks the computer has Covid 19 lol

    heres the link

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    Here is a ton of progress
    -corrroded armor plates
    -each model has been altered to have woulda,pox, acne ,draining abscesses
    -corroded diseased and decayed weaponry
    -freehand on the two shields
    and muchuch more
    this is to show what these models contain = plenty of work and detail to have a unique and 1 of a kind look!!!

    heres are some detailsName:  524F1791-AC01-4F8A-BCFD-43F8404A48E9.jpeg
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Size:  640.2 KBName:  EA3A0D9C-9C6A-4F48-B171-2CEBBF58F927.jpeg
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    The shields, I love them!!!
    Shall I send you some raws to paint for me?

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    They are perfect! I especially like the second one on the left. Great job.

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    Those guys really need some education on caring for their tools of trade. The rust has gotten out of hand.

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    Thanks guys and Gal(Jojo)
    its very appreciated !!!!!! Much work but can guarantee this u it whence dine will be a level up!!!

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