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Thread: Showing my newest works before I get into things!

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    Ok a whopping update as I prepare for golden demon. Name:  7976BBE0-3ADB-4A4F-BA3A-905BE1E3E80B.jpg
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    Awesome stuff as always. You're a mini texture master

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    Lovely work BAM - still working on bits for GD? or are you all set now?

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    A lot of last minute touch ups and packing configurations -, otherwise their dusted off and ready to fly the friendly skies!!! Lol

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    You really mastered to provide a bloody-used-look to armor and weapons.
    The combination of pox and nurglish armor color coding is just awesome!

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    Simply Fantastic... I Really like this bunch of Brutes. No matter how many times I look at these just like your other works I always find more cool details. I have admired your work for a while on Putty and Paint and all I can say is that you always find a way to step up your work and painting style.

    Congrats and I can't wait to see what's next from you.

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    Awesome work. Looks like Dr. Pimplepopper has been at them though. Nasty...but in a good, well painted way. Best of luck my friend.

    When are we going to see some of Janet’s stuff again?

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    Great work on all of these (and yeah, fish head guy is still my fav)! Best of luck at Adepticon and with GD contest!

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    Wonderful work, I really like the corroded armor plates/helmets.
    Good luck for the contests!

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    Horned helmet one is still my favorite. All the layers of weathering and texture add a lot of depth to everything.

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    Sorry to hear about Adepticon getting canceled.

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    Yep - crappy news about Adepticon, suspect WF will inevitably go the same way as it stands.

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    Guys I am gutted- on the other hand I really don’t want 1000 potentially sick people transmutting a seemingly very tough sickness to older folks and those with poor respitiry. IDE rather we adapt sooner than later. You guys can all help me sift through the 100ds of new and even better painted units next year.
    love you all guys and always thanks for keeping my head up in an otherwise sucky situation.
    Now let’s paint!!!

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    Completely agree not worth the risk of spreading the disease. And it gives you more time to work on your grot tanks!

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    Name:  D926ED62-6441-4ACD-B79B-3BBB8E62DF2F.jpeg
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    Not the time to be painting Nurgle, John... maybe some Sylvaneth or Deepkin would be a safer choice?

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    BAM. Bummed to not catch these guys at Adepticon as I was needing a break from the chaos of work. Anyways, I am really loving the new guys. Especially that weird fish/bull headed thing.

    I am sure you will be winning several awards with thes3 guys over the year.

    Quote Originally Posted by SaintToad View Post
    Not the time to be painting Nurgle, John... maybe some Sylvaneth or Deepkin would be a safer choice?
    . LOL

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    Quote Originally Posted by SaintToad View Post
    Not the time to be painting Nurgle, John... maybe some Sylvaneth or Deepkin would be a safer choice?
    HA! I guess you are kind of playing with fire here! They are looking pretty amazing though.

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    Oh man, the sores on those guys are hideously wonderful. Nice job! Grandfather Nurgle would be pleased.

    (I always find it funny how compliments on a good Nurgle mini are along the lines of: "That is hideous/horrifying/disgusting. Fantastic job!")

    WIP Thread

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