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    Default Werewolves minis!

    Hello guys i would like to show off my progress of creating 3 miniatures of Werewolves !!
    This is work in progress and I will be updating this post for next few weeks.
    I really hope you will enjoy this process.

    If you have different ideas about Werewolves please let me know!
    I would love to sculpt one miniature based on suggestions and feedback, so if you have any references please feel free to share!

    First one is almost done, here is a concept for this bad boy.

    You can see more of my work here:

    Thanks for watching :-)
    More updates coming soon!

    Name:  Werwolf_fb_small2.jpg
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    Welcome to the forum.
    That drawing is excellent!
    Your insta is full of sculpts already, they all look pretty amazing. Do you sculpt them digitally, or traditionally?

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    Thank you so much for kind welcome :-)
    And i'm really happy you like my work!

    Miniatures i do are made in Zbrush mostly and printed in Solus 3d printer. I have game character creation background so for me it's easiest to work this way :-) plus i can focus on all the details i want xD

    I tried traditional sculpting for a while and i would pick digital sculpting anyways it's way more flexible for me.

    Also i think digital is way more accessible for a lot of people, but i belive its as hard to master as traditional.

    I can see you have awesome sketches on your instagram!!
    Have you ever tried sculpting ?

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    I've dabbled a bit in traditional sculpting, but have never really gotten into digital sculpting. I think I like the tactile feeling and response of the putty / clay too much
    It's interesting to hear other people's experience and thoughts though. I might give Blender's sculpting tool a try again

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    Hello! Maybe one of them could be in mid-transformation? Recently I was watching Hemlock Grove on Netflix, they've got some nice gruesome transformation ideas. ie: the human eyes with other bits fall out pushed by the wolf inside, and after that the wolf eats all of his own human leftovers.

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