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Thread: Showing my newest works before I get into things!

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    A Very Happy Very belated Birthday. Hope Mrs BaM got you a stack of figures and painting supplies. I’m officially your senior at 48 so respect your elders my friend. Nice work recently too.

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    Gotta congratulate you again for your wins at NOVA! Great to see you figures in person

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    513 pages... my god you are productive and a happy belated birthday to you.

    work is boring when it gets in the way of my painting.

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    John, a deep and sincere thank you for coaching me through this past weekend and my first major painting comp in 16 years. Your support and feedback have been invaluable and really look forward to seeing you again in the future at other comps and cons, as well as keeping up with your awesome works here. I gotta say you were right, I did better than expected and all that stress was totally unnecessary! Uncle johnny had my back! It was wonderful meeting you and your beautiful fiancé, and a massive CONGRATS!!!!! On all of your awards, especially on beating out Vince for unit!!!

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    Hahaha thanks so much will-your work will be warmly and we’ll recieced next year in the master class . You deserved it. You do some fine work- as for my awards three years in a row against the best painters my units have made a name for me- there are a number of folks that I compete against throughout the years like Sam Kenzie,Damon Drescher,Vincent V .eric Swinson . And theses name are something I’m astounded by that I’ve placed among or higher in the years- all of them including Sam ,and Vince, Damon (especially Vince) always give me bats and jitters in my stomach when viewing my work next to there’s. I don’t know why or how but I’ve squeeked past these masters for two str8 years and received not only gold but overall . It’s an amazing feeling also being judged by Matt DiPietro, and Sam lenz, Caleb and David taylor- so I know I’ve earned some of the toughest awards at one of America’s premier events. I’m happy for all.

    and also congrats to you
    ST TOAD -also broke the vault in single and earned and overall. Ekipagealtgoygh didn’t make it through has some of the most beautiful and tiniest models from Malifaux . In person they were so much more impressive than on these Ann forums .

    janet was told by her judges her bases were too detracting- but her technique was”THROUGH THE ROOF” exact words- winning I thought about it if you didn’t think the bases were up to par and the painting was stellar than she should have still earned a medal - if I were judging I would have said bad bases means you now have a lesser medal cause ur painting (in a painting comp) was still great -I WOULDNT HAVE DONE WHAT THEY DID -give nothing because of it.thats why a lot of awards in the journeyman I was not in agreement with- they had a judge called Devonian mehar- cuthroatcure as the main judge so young judges sometimes don’t have experience to make rational calls like this we see here.

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    Hellli to myself -Name:  94C858FC-EDFB-4E64-9A81-D92CEF8641DD.jpg
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Size:  905.0 KB what a haul John - hey thanks John I appreciate that- lolllololol

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    uhm....I don't think you are supposed to congratulate yourself! Pretty sure that isn't how it works. Nice haul though!

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    No .......... well........... uhhhhhm...

    ok ..:-(

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    This never stops on this wide of the screen: go go go Name:  621F8F22-C494-4A2E-BA0C-40EAC456BD7E.jpg
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    Nice start on that warband you should have got the Mardi Gras ones, er I mean the Unmade

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    Damn your skin tones are good...

    but man you deserved those awards, and to be among those names. At one point I saw Vince and Erik Swinson looking over the entries and over heard them talking. After Erik complimented your pieces I heard Vince say “yeah those are john’s, he’s the unit master” so that should reinforce the idea that you deserve to be listed among those greats.

    honestly I’m surprised at some of the calls too but I’m not a pro. I think Eki and Janet both should have medaled as well. Eki’s work on those tiny minis was awesome, and you are so right that the forum photos do not do them justice. That tiny dancer man... just awesome. As for the base thing, I’m with you. Janet should have gotten something especially if they said her technique was “through the roof”. I actually got the same feedback from Devon, he said my paint work was Gold level on the seer but my base sucked so they knocked me down a peg. I think that’s a big thing for him. Jeff and Marc gave me much more positive feedback though. They both actually said I should really consider Demon at adepticon because apparently my style fits within what GW likes. A gold demons been an aspiration of mine since I was 12. Anyway I think by next year Janet and Eki will both crush their categories though! On to the next one right? Every models a learing experience.

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    Yessir I’ll be there with the crew at golden demon- so we all will still have our support team. your a great guy will ,and an amazing artist . See personally I felt the deer was def a gold piece despite the base and how they felt. In the rules- bases always make a difference . But great painting trumps all. I wouldn’t have operated that way if I were to judge. That’s the difference of me being 46 and 29 years doing this, and Devonian doing this 10 years and judging not so long. He’s a great guy just Needs to make more rational decisions as a judge. Great painting is judged first then you start to pick apart things like bases and if they detract from a piece. Not the other way around.

    Name:  D6030A84-0E15-4882-AF0D-08E8A6C28020.jpeg
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Size:  110.1 KBName:  D6030A84-0E15-4882-AF0D-08E8A6C28020.jpeg
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Size:  110.1 KBName:  90755B67-7091-46BD-A4CC-4DC504D8DE4F.jpeg
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Size:  431.5 KBName:  D9A024ED-512B-4382-BA18-725406A84F40.jpeg
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Size:  256.5 KBName:  DA5D75E2-AE2E-4492-BE1B-2D4DF018D3B6.jpeg
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Size:  342.4 KBName:  FBCC3DC4-13D3-4FA0-B8AC-F1CDA430E802.jpeg
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Size:  285.0 KBAlso one can make the argument -ok it detracted from the model however that point can be negated due to the colors of the model are carried over to the base so that cancels that gripe out.this is exactly what I mean is that judges not so experienced didn’t actually weigh out each point and each facet of this piece-
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    Congrats to you and the Boss BaM....nice work!

    The overbasing thing is a tricky one and subjective...I can say for certain that at GD in the UK theres very much a less is more approach these days with the mini encouraged to be the focus.

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    Congratulations BaM, that certainly is a haul.
    Did you leave anything for the others?

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    Thanks guys- this actually wasn’t a less or Moore basing issue -he claimed the rocks (which are natural stones Janet used to aim for the most creative award) the issue with the basing was the rocks were shiny on some. That’s called luster and again can be seen as a simultaneous contrast having the model mostly flat pop. He said her technique (was “they the roof) painting company guys . the issue is her painting was top and the basing issue was NO reason to scrap the models for no award period- I could also make the argument -one which will negate the base issue is the colors used on the model tie in to the base- it’s a painting comp- and also it was in the journeymen category -one which is open to high end table top models. It was judged by some very young man who picked quite a few less than par painted models as winners and some of his friends as well.he has an ongoing list of complaints-every one knows me I looove to speak up on bullshit and if need be correct an attitude with a fist (though not needed here and very rarely do I at all) I’m as transparent as they come. Guaranteed he won’t be there next year-. His big coin to fame was he has a gold medal in journeyman . There are quite a many complaints guys. Take this from me it was meh. Masters was perfect -the apprentice incredible- journey laughable.
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    Name:  8DA59AEA-98DF-4416-9E28-B1B041DC5E50.jpeg
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Size:  1.50 MB Back in the drivers seat to crest even bigger better, and badder units -it’s what has been good to me and helped me make a name for myself
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    I always find awesome skin tones in this thread, love that chaos guy so far. These being painted for a comp? Congrats on the awards as well dude!

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    You guys are great -and I thank you so much- I will always do i can with the tools god lets me borrow from him. You both are always welcomed on my thread. Thanks again guys.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BloodASmedium View Post
    It was judged by some very young man who picked quite a few less than par painted models as winners and some of his friends as well.he has an ongoing list of complaints
    I think I am glad I didn't ask the judges about critiquing mine after the awards, that others complained about the judging and I didn't pay attention to which one's actually one something besides yours, Will's and Rhett's, as I probably would have been a tad upset instead of just disappointed. Funny, because he wasn't supposed to be a judge in that category the Primer said it was Dave Taylor, Marc Raley and Jeff Jenkins, but yeah, I remember you saying that some of the judges bowed out because they weren't feeling well or what ever. Anyway, it is what it is just have to keep painting and see what next year brings. By the way, Janet's look even better in the enlarged photos (even with my reading glasses I can't see a lot of the detail with the figures in those cases) for instance I never even saw that she had used the stones on the swords and other bits of the figures, she definitely should have won something!

    These new figs are looking amazing with your touch, enough that I almost want to buy them, but dang it not gonna do it (at least until I get my Corvus Cabal figures painted)!

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