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Thread: Showing my newest works before I get into things!

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    Nice the toppers Im making for the bases are going to have multiple uses, they are 29mm so should fit very nicely on those DM bases too! happy days. Great work mate, the team looks great they are going to kick some ass and Mr vamp is tops!

    always a pleasure popping in. I will have to go back and steal some of your ideas for the overkill geenstealers.

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    MaMs -see if you can save up lil at a time . maybe then ide get to me my icon.
    kruley -when I put them in you cannot miss em. Hang tight their coming my friend!!!
    coach canny thanks so much for everything matey. your
    ALL GOLDEN -the wild bunch!!!!!

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    Love it man. Did you make the base with the circles to mount them in? Or was it purchased somewhere.
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    ." -Me-

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    Me and a buddy use a press drill / we bought all the appropriate sized heads . It’s a great lil machine. For wood working!!! I’m a crafty craftsman- meet the fockers lol

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    Well BAM, outstanding work on the display stand... simple yet extremely effective, doesn’t distract any attention away from the figures, yet with the black and the good spacing really makes them all stand out as individuals whist showing them as a unit.

    im just going to take this opportunity to say best of luck at CB mate... what your entering this year is some really well thought out and professionally painted works, which should strike fear in the hearts of any of your competition. We all here know the hours you have put in to these pieces and the passion you have for this hobby. I’m my opinion if any one was deserving of an award it’s you mate, and with what your entering I’m certain you have provided yourself with the best opportunity possible to get that award!!!
    ive said it time and time again, if you don’t win at least with that B.B. team I will virtually lose all faith in humanity LOL seriously though this is BEST unit of any sort I’ve seen, there’s never been a more coherent squad that ties one to the other any better than this before, and then on top of this they are all painted to the highest level of quality!!! Hands down winner in my book mate.

    despite the results of the show, all your works are deserving of gold in my eyes mate. So all the best bro and give the competition hell - BAM style !!!!!

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    Wow my friend!!! That is the most uplifting confidence inspiring post any one has ever left on my thread. Thank you so much for taking your time to put your feelings into words. You are golden my friend...

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    REMEMBEE TO VOTE FOR THESE ENTEIES GUYS- I don’t have a Facebook or use Instagram . To compete with those that do - IM ASKING HERE AND NOW FOR YOUR VITES. The wouroeans vote for their buds. So please do the same. I’ll remind you further as we approach

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    Righto man, if someone could kindly inform me of what page on fb you vote through, you can consider it done!!!

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    yep, what he said, show me the place to vote and it shall be done

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    I'm pretty sure the CB voting comes up on the cmon home page, I try to vote every year and give honest scores (which is really difficult because everything looks like a 10 to me lol)

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    Sicks even if everything’s a ten it’s still a vote - it’s a numbers game.thats fine. Many people feel everything is on the same level anyways. This is why the voting is always close.
    YESSIR GUYS IT WILL COME UP ON THE CMON HOMEPAGE AND WILL SAY”START VOTING OR BEGIN VOTING” just follow it from there. It’s just like how one would vote in a CMON gallery piece-1 for poor all the way up to 10/10 the highest.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sicks View Post
    I'm pretty sure the CB voting comes up on the cmon home page, I try to vote every year and give honest scores (which is really difficult because everything looks like a 10 to me lol)
    I am with you on this Sicks. Last year I came to the conclusion that these should probably be scored differently from my I assume they are all 10's and the score during the competition is to determine if it is a 10.1 or an 11.0

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    Then everybody would probably hit the 11.0 let me explain guys- this internet thing is politics- that’s why there’s onsite judging as well, or else it would strictly be panel judging- if you think I want my judging in the hands of those with massive numbers of Facebook friends or in the hands of a young lad who doesn’t understand why certain things are painted following a criteria, your mistaken!!!no matter how you try to vote fair and do the right thing- it’s simply NOT designed that way. So really anybody voting 10s on everything is keeping things status quo -doesn’t help- nor hurt. Keeps the field fair. If you think Ben komets who is the equivilant of Matt dipietro, and Sionid . They all rely whatever their friends and posse help them along it’s impossible not to use this as a partial lever. It’s NOT that by design. My fiancé for example who is she gonna vote for, who am I gonna vote for. It’s all out in the open -all the 10 work depends solely on their friends and their vote. It’s political and every year I have NO PROBLEM CALLING IT AS SUCH. Give a hoot don’t pollute give a hand to the man- me. lolol it’s politics think to yourself. Everything in this world is.DO NOT HOWEVER THINK IN ANY WAY IM ASKING YOU TO DOWNVOTE ANYBODY TO RAISE MYSELF. That’s when I’ve already lost through KARMA.why do I get the most comments when I post- les just say I’ve helped a lot of people through encouragement , and taking the time to explain things always to benefit the one trying to learn something.when I vote 10s on someday work1) it helps their confidence ( the scoring is not a time to give feedback , that’s what forums are for)2) it helps against the snipers and the few the proud that don’t know anything about painting a model and have the power to vote :/ not really cool is it. So just know folks I practice wjhat I preach and would never ask anybody to do something that I wouldn’t do myself if it affects my moral compass. This is the game this is the strategy . I didn’t make the rules but like a lawyer I’ll find the loophole - this is it. Not good nor bad it’s just the facts.
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    Default Name tags on

    Here’s the last you’ll see if mr vamp . The next time you’ll see his picture is hopefully when you see those beautiful extremely photoshopped images by the crystal brush team when he hopefully makes a finalist spot in his car.Name:  832A6972-E84B-48F9-8247-2492E55A85E4.jpg
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    Good luck, BAM! I expect to see a lot of your stuff make the cut!

    Regarding voting, whatever time CMON says it's going to start, expect it to be an hour or two late. They put in a lot of work getting great photos of all the pieces, but usually it means they're running behind when it comes to the start of the online voting. As with scoring, there's always going to be people who give their friends top scores and everyone else low ones. So the more people who go on and give real votes the less impact those other people will have. But I agree, it can be really hard choosing when all the entries are so great. The last few years my approach has been to be extra critical. Something that I'd give a 10 in the gallery might only get an 8 when I'm doing the CB voting. Still amazing work, but I try to save my 10's for just the top two or three pieces from each category (or just top one if there's something that's far an away the best). When it's too hard to pick, I'll just give the top ones all 10's and let the onsite judges figure out who should come in 1st, 2nd, and 3rd.

    I wish they'd reorganize the online system though. It just dumps you into entries from all the categories mixed together. But there's a drop down menu at the top where you can just view one category at a time. That way you get a better sense of what's been entered and which ones stand out from the pack before you start scoring anything. It takes a little longer to go through it that way, but I feel like I have a better sense of what I want to do with my votes.

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    Yeah the good thing bails that I’ve asked Jen is they have a default system let’s say the model in question is 9 votes and they all 9/10 if the computer sees a drastic change in the pattern the computer eliminates it. Which I think is what happens on clon. It’s still so far from an on-site panel which if it were up to me ide have just the panel judging and keep the computer for maybe 10% of the scoring cause that’s like their shtik ya know- HEY VOTE FOR YOUR CRUSTAL BRUSH FAVORITE” and gd knows who’s voting and how they come to their scores. Thanks bails for all your help and advice for this years entries I couldn’t have done it without you. There were some excellent ideas you have given me. The best thing that could happen is their is a tie in all internet votes and have Jen break it. That would be fine with me!!!!i wanted to add bails in the hands of the less knowledgeable voters imagine them trying to be extra critical they might say “well I don’t like the model itself so I’ll guve you a nine , meanwhile it has nothing to do with the paint job. Lol I’ve seen this in cmon a lot. Or they might not know you can use two light sources ( JBT does this a lot on his past demon slayer sword winners)s and there they go with oh well he’s lost the zenithal light here. It’s great if knowledgeable folks can train themselves to do so but it’s a ? Of who thinks vs who is knowledgeable!!lol look at these galleries the stuff folks say is really far out. And then you’ll see a perfectly painted model at 7.0 or lower. What is going on here.))
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    Good Luck buddy! I know you will do well, making the cut in its self is hard I'm guessing. I agree with that the facts are the facts and use them best you can!

    I like the bases too mate!
    I will do my best, its a pain in the butt last time I think it was 4am here and I only got to vote on a hand full.

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    Yeah I forgot can another problem with the online voting crap!!! On the first show I went to all my American brothers were asleep at 3;00am when voting went live!!!:/ yeah as with any como especially one with 10,000 dollars cash prize nd a slew of Europeans ( much more attendance than a golden demon show) making the cut is to say I’m in the best company of losers if I fail to place. I’ll be estática. Never missed at least 2 cuts so let’s have at least my fingers crossed and atm I’ll know my chances of placing!!! Thanks. Bunch CANNARY!!!

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    Great looking entries you have there. I believe they will be worth the trip to CB. I am skipping Adepticon this year, so I will have to wait to see them in person in May. Good luck. I will be at the computer when the online voting starts.
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    Yanks soooo much mr jimbo always s pleasure to hear from you mate. Glad the stores going great cannot wait to peruse the inventory . Yess see you in may well catch that beer!!!

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