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Thread: Showing my newest works before I get into things!

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    New addition fits right into that mob many more you planning on adding? Foul Blitghtspawn with the tank of ooze maybe?

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    I wanted that model to be part of this so bad- but I think after the bannerman it might be a calling it a finished project . Especially since I have 100ds of new models from all diff co to get to. need to star working on my single models and a third grot tank for NOVA OPEN along with a 6 model $900.00 comission for my jannie All this work ahead of me but because it’s all miniature painting I’m LIVING Sever minute of this!!!!! I’m honestly the luckiest guy in the world. The good lord has answers every prayer I’ve ever prayed.
    thanks HARSTER
    AND THANK YOU MY Janie babes!!!

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    great stuff BAM, keep at it. its all looking grand. I do like those orks though. well I like the nurgle guys as well, but yes those orcs..... I know there not even close to finished but I can see the potential and I like it.
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    Jannie will be taking pics tonight as I start to finish up these very long and drawn out process, but again the end result and hopefully an award will be so worth it in the. It’s never about the painting steps , although enjoyable ,some phases more enjoyable than others,
    its about the Betty of the finished product. And units to me are the whole always greater than the sum of its parts. Here are some pics but I’ll have Janet take them tinight vía a real camera!!!Name:  B34FBEAD-869C-47E2-A2CA-4691AB24A27F.jpeg
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Size:  1.44 MBName:  9686BD37-53F6-4C11-8614-8FF450FA3045.jpeg
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    they look beautiful John. What are you doing with the bases?


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    Ahhh thanks davey!!! The bases are a wonderful surprise!!!!

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    Orks are moving right along-ala Eavy metal Name:  91C4DC46-BD8F-42F2-A8F3-A5904613F9A5.jpeg
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    It's amazing how much a bit of red/pink/brown adds to greenskin skintones. Great work on the gobbo. Color on the wrench looks great too.

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    Hell yeah, off to a cracking start!!!

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    Looking forward to see the bases on the nurgle unit :-)

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    Ahh yes I have something else as my entry for single at Nova- I cannot wait to start this
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    None other than jeremie teboule over at figone

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hairster View Post
    Ooh that a lovely looking mini....who makes it?
    Sculpted by Allan Diego Carasco

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    these orcs are looking great. excellent skin tones. they just have that great quality that makes you want to keep looking.
    My WIP thread - where the painting and rambling happens

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    Great job on the orcs. I really like the skintone. Only suggestion would be to add a bit of color variation to the inside of the ears too. If you look at the second image, the ear almost merges with the shoulder/chest, doesn't seem like a separate entity. I would use the same color as you did on the upper lip for the inside/bottom of the ear (keep the top part green). A minor detail of course, so please keep the green if you like that better!

    I love Allan's cyclops sculpt. It will be fun to watch you paint that one too!

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    Yessir bails just saw what your getting at I’m on it captn!!! was def thinking the same . I can’t even lie))
    Btw if anyone hasn’t seen Bailys tiefling go to his page and look at what this genius has done so far. Yes he did all the sculpting too.

    BTW MY AWESONE CLIENT JUST SENT ME OVER GW SQUATS . I haven’t seen these in a loooog time.
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    Lovely lip on the ork. That’s a fine sculpt on the troll it’s the bug-eye that wins it for me
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    Thanks so muchos Andy yeah that eye was the deal maker !!! That and his Italian nose.

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