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Thread: Showing my newest works before I get into things!

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    Stop winning everything! You're making it too difficult for everyone else to get a look in past your awesome minis :P!

    Seriously though bud, well done and much deserved. I think you'd be hard pressed to find someone that is as dedicated to the hobby and talented as yourself.

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    Lol thanks fox it really is something in my my life that ide never would have given a thought to to take the place of my past life after I became disabled.ifound a new ring . I love it more than anything and love my Janet more than that!!!! I’m in a good place.

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    Here you can see the global shading where I basically hit all the parts that the sun don’t shine-no guys not his PEESHIE (wang) that’s what the pants he’s wearing are for. You’ll are some stupid bastards. No -global shading is under the chin the, armpits esides of the torso under that beutiful thing called his GUT- these are where things are the darkest I usually start my routine with going towards a cool blue black in these areas. After this is done everywhere( I’ll tell you when I begin the lower body where those dark parts will be as well. Than I’ll do all my highlighting than go back in and got the secondary and tertiary shades.)Name:  19E2065E-4686-48B6-A36B-E9A4E3A0271B.jpeg
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    Well done at MFCA mate... great work!!!

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    Love the eye! Reminds me of my mate Big Jim (he’s called Jim and he looks like a sumo wrestler) he had a take away curry when we were all pissed at his house and he said it was bland so he crumbled some dried bird eye chillies into it being all manly. Five minutes later he itched his eye....he hadn’t washed his was literally bright red and bulging out of his eye socket. We tried to help but we were on the floor howling with laughter.
    Victis hostibus tuis tibi rapitur videre et audire fletum mulierum. (or as near as google can do it!)
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    Lololololol Andy the name Alone howls instant classic/ BIG JIM!!!!! Mental note birds eye chili ,no good!!!! Btw with friends like you guys who needs enemies. Guys blind and you all are rolling. Lololol that’s the funny part I’m sure he was in immense pain and he looks over through his Ine good eye and sees you guys in hysterics.. lololololol
    btw Andy congrats on being a steady “figure mentor” your articles are fantastic.

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    Maaaannn sucha ton of work you presented there!! Judges must have been busy!! xD
    Congratulations on your wins!! Great cards too! (I suspect your Janet is behind them... she does an excellent job taking photos of your miniatures too!!)
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    Mae you’ve never been more correct. It’s such an amazing feeling to not just have awards in one hand but to show up AND LEAVE with my girl on my arm.she is all about me and my passion for this craft. She actually knows all the big names that she has met in person and on Facebook. She lives this stuff as much as I do. How can I ever lose.
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    Beees an update for the Cyclopeus!!! Such a fantastic absolutely fantastic sculpt!!!Name:  06358EB1-F0BF-46C6-8E2D-F3F1EB0E659C.jpeg
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Size:  1.30 MBName:  E847BD04-1F1D-4B1C-8240-E0336C98D40A.jpg
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Size:  770.5 KB I constantly change the lighting in my room and in my environment around me this way I can get every type of true look to the model.

    Name:  963FE355-1690-4133-BE40-E64726966EAB.jpg
Views: 198
Size:  1.08 MBAnd pushing through the first two of a huge 6 model commission. He loved the progress photos so much he sent over 11 more old 1 piece citadel models of squats, space orks, rogue traitor pirates etc etc and that’s another 2,130 dollars so for 17 models at the best display standard I can produce Janet makes $3,030.00 it’s her business I just paint for her live in return . It’s how I help with the bills. Everybody knows that prick bill...;/
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    Fantastic work on the skin !!! A real handsome fella this one

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    Thanks cc here’s tobights ending.Name:  847C3A1B-0F26-4A1A-BA3B-CE23A553D3D9.jpg
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    Morning update-now that the bulk of the upper front body is done I’ll move into the th arms and start the global shading there.Name:  EBF93C25-3933-4997-A7D2-111E828BA7CD.jpg
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Size:  777.6 KB the very dramatic shading helps define the geometric shapes which all models can be broken down to visually. Spheres,cylinders, rectangles etc.

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    That’s looking well sweet John.. the skin is very realistic but i feel it needs some more tones in it. It still looks to clean for johns standards lol.

    I havent looked at many threads for ages as I’ve bern busy with the house.. but I always get a nice surprise in here.


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    I put up some other pictures folks - Name:  4BF296D6-E22D-438D-801F-DC824E0EEC28.jpeg
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Size:  1.75 MBName:  D9E5F2A7-7346-4589-8597-9F770A572B8A.jpg
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    wow thats looking awesome. that eye just completely pulls you in.

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    Today’s efforts are slow but creeping steadily Name:  3BCC75D9-F87F-4B13-B148-354ADBABF6A9.jpeg
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    Great skin tones on this mini. Tamiya clear red for blood?
    Victis hostibus tuis tibi rapitur videre et audire fletum mulierum. (or as near as google can do it!)
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    Thanks so muchos mr Andy G... it’s just GW shit for the god. Lololol mixed with some black ink. I have used Tamara too I actually go back fourth too and fro near and far though I like me all. Thanks so much Andy. Means a ton from you !!!

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