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Thread: Showing my newest works before I get into things!

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    Still looking awesome BaM. I particularly love the gribbly Cthulhu face.

    The subtle blue tint to the flesh around the shoulders is great, and I like the light blue tone for the carapace.

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    These are nuts, the veins throughout the skin are great looking

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    A much better interaction between figures and hot / cold contrast- Name:  0EDCAC02-6364-4575-B230-85A9F74BF122.jpg
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    Always nice to pop in and see the progress, keep up the good work BaM

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    Superb, actually you're the one who got me into painting GW figures, and now I'm hooked. Only problem is that their release rate of cool stuff is way higher then my painting rate.

    Keep it cool nad then contrast it with heat,


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    Loving your kill team genestealers! They are great.

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    I absolutely love those stealer models. Makes me wanna paint some now lol

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    Well what can I say!!!! I didn’t want to say anything especially when I saw the other entrants 12 really cool armies . 8 excellent painted and great modelled boards. I decided to enter my first ARMIES ON PARADE!!! I entered on painting almost be hoping to at least make best painted . I did get best painted and to my supprise won overall best “first place gold medal ARMIES ON PARADE!!!”
    this was not my forte but painting alone managed to be favoured over some of the incredible boards !!!Name:  3B0B8E49-8BAD-4F91-8A89-D891BBE349EA.jpg
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Size:  1.60 MBName:  E4888150-8D97-4E01-9D6F-F8FC9935345B.jpg
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    After the carnage were most have packed up I stuck around and answerd questions and talk to some really cool and talented folks!!! Name:  BE39A8BC-E823-4274-949E-854FE1F55A4B.jpg
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Size:  1.55 MBIt’s all for the rare lil medallion I hold!!!

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    Awesome mate well done it was totally deserved! Bagged my first best painted award myself and got silver overall, Graishak got a podium spot as well. Been a good day for armies on parde!

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    Awesome board. Congratulations BaM :-)

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    Well done man, very much deserved! Fine collection of orks you’ve worked on over the years

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    Congrats! Everything looks absolutely amazing!

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    Thanks a bunch guys all of you are golden-and I just have to paint the big guys “lil guy” and some fingernails and odds and ends and done- at that time I’ll start the gallowwalkers and the other nicely nurglies.Name:  6FB63237-A154-4AD3-B3A5-C13C5A3FFF20.jpg
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Size:  943.1 KBName:  D45F8986-B51A-4E49-9430-5202721C5046.jpg
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    Bloody hell BaM, I blink and you’re almost finished. Gribbleface is still my favourite, but they’re an outstanding unit.

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    Awww shucks thanks foxy !!! )) lol

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    look really cool ! Love your base as well
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    Congratulations on the Armies on Parade medal, my man! That's a lot of eras of orcs.

    Great job on the aberrants. I really like how you've mixed the flesh & the blue tones in places. That's what I was trying to say when I was talking about the sort of semi-transformed state.

    I too vote Gribbleface for team leader.

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