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Thread: Showing my newest works before I get into things!

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    I love the picture with all the nurges and one marine trying to fit in hahaha. But the gobs are my favorites of course.
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    Quote Originally Posted by BloodASmedium View Post
    I alwYs admired your work as well bud.


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    Here’s the update -I’m going to Beddie by land !!!!!
    Name:  AA46AA4F-6F9E-4A92-9E03-AFE738558F9E.jpeg
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    Nurgle being my first GW love I have to say, those gribbly giant things are SWEET! I may have to pick that box up when I can.

    Loving the color combo on the gobbos too. Orange is a perfect accent color for those brown robes and green glows! I've always wanted to do a Halloween themed night gobbo army. Too many ideas not enough paint time...

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    Ok so no more fucking around here are some of Janet’s photos to give an accurate depiction of this handsome bunch of green men!!!Name:  3188F112-5583-424D-A4A3-62F70E0EA76E.jpg
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Size:  785.1 KBName:  5EE3E18A-08EC-4B51-8A3C-B4D94A509BB9.jpg
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Size:  873.5 KB Still MUCH WORK TO BE DONE. Quite a bit actually. But you get an idea.

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    Still MUCH WORK TO BE DONE. Quite a bit actually. But you get an idea.
    I'ld be already very, very happy with them at that state xD
    The skin and the tunics with all that textures look great. Also love the bases. Did you use pigments on the bases ? They have a really "dry earth" look that fits in great.

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    Yesss cyanide you called it . Now here’s why it appears the way it does. Pigments have been used.good eye. However it’s that texture vs smoothe in this case the ground is smooth vs the goblins tunics is what really has that appeal of the floors. Excellent eyes my friend.a big thank you.

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    Ahould be ready to post by the weeks end. 6 months comes to an end. Sorry gents the paintalong to my error went a bit longer . However I’ve always posted pics and did declare for me idene doing the whole unit. So here they are Name:  E32494FF-87A0-444F-A1DC-B1C7BC75821E.jpg
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    Wow! Amazing depth in the skin tones of the nurgle horde. Dig the mushroom caps too; are they molded with that texture, or is that the effect of the paint?

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    Thanks so much Dabeeb. It’s a technique called stippling where you dab small marks onto a model to add texture. It enhances the paints surface.

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    Crushed em, BaM! Love the way you finished off the mushrooms, the green glow on Zarbag’s sickle is... sick, and the squish are fantastic. Those rampaging monsters remind me of my old dalmatian, Chaos!

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    Wow !!! Thanks toadie thanks immensley!!! Glad you like em. Your the best matey!!!

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    Stonking good job Bud. Gobbos look like a cohesive unit but my favourites are still the squiggies. Stippling looks great. Keep that one in your ever expanding bag of tricks. I’m trying it on the leather of my Figone Habaab’ouch Orc. Have to keep checking in for tips from the master.

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    Joanne love and best wish to one of the most experienced hobbyists on the cmon website/you!!!

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    Voted!!!! I LOVE your Zarbags Gitz :-)

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    Let’s go men you guys stop what your doing and leave a beutuful comment. You could even go as far as telling me what I already know- that IM A HANDSOME SUMUHNA BITCH !!! Link above !!! Where’s da live

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    Just wish I could paint gore as beautifull as you do man. Really LOVE those Rougue nasties. Wanted to paint those myself, but now I'm so overwhelmed that I'm afraid to start them as I know I will always mess them up as I'll never reach your level. Thanks for being an inspiration man.



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    You know you dah man!!! Gino it takes one to know one!!! Long live miniature painters!!! Long live GINO,MYSELF ALONG!!! with all other amazing artists!!!

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    Amazing I love them Bam and your work rate is amazing. Voted.

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