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Thread: Showing my newest works before I get into things!

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    Looking great so far. The varanguard were my favorite of the end times models, cant' wait to see where you take it from here.
    I paint fantasy miniatures and post the pictures here.

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    Nice surprise from your side of the painting table BAM ^^ wishing now to see how it looks with it's raider on. You are going a bit low with this one though LOL
    WIP thread. / Cmon Gallery / Instagram

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    Hey guys, I wanted to share a quick story with you, in the hope that it would send some appreciation BAM's way.
    Back in July, I commissioned BAM to paint a figure for me. I wanted a piece of his work both to help me study the work of a great painter, and for the reasons anyone would want something totally awesome: for the sake of awesome! BAM painted up the really cool Hasslefree orc which many of you probably saw on his WIP. Unfortunately, the figure was badly damaged in shipping. This was not due to any failure on BAM's part: he had packed it up inside a metal box using lots and lots of foam, then packed the metal box into a cardboard box with more foam. In short, the package was either dropped or shaken, most likely, and it was definitely damaged between his house and mine.
    When I received the damaged orc, I contacted John to try to work out a solution which would be fair to both of us. BAM was insistent that he would send me another figure, and a few days ago I received (in perfect shape) a really cool terminator librarian in the mail. I'll be putting a base on it soon as a kind of collaborative effort (the base of the orc was fine, but I want to keep it as-is rather than install a new resident). BAM really didn't have to do this, but he was determined that I be happy with my decision to commission a work from him. Needless to say, I am!
    We also have plans in the works for another sort of shared project, which you'll have to wait to discover. In the meantime, I wanted to let you know what a decent and generous guy he is (despite the fact that all of his models are drowning in blood & grime).

    Thanks, bud.
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    We always suspected BaM was a top-notch badass dude. Now we know it.

    Very classy, brother.

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    Yep yep yep and yep. Those orks are some of the best I've seen...and I have seen a lot of orks.
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    You deserve it toad. The thing is this guys like toad ,and the other amazing people on this site, have made amazing gains and strides all because of looking to and being inspired by others. I know this,they ,like all of us see others works and it becomes a huge motivating force to have them propel forward and become better and better. This is very special to me and never ever want fail my cyber friends who have turned out to be nothing less than my family. For my family I'll do anything including fixing a situation such as a broken mini.

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    Further proof that bam is cool, as if the crystal brush award grab and run wasn't enough proof

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    Lol you know it sicks watch what I have planned for my next CB exit finale!!!

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    Lol thinking more of a "rascal wheel chair"

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    You should get up to make a speech then have some guy dressed as the devil come in and drag you away kicking and screaming to Meatloaf's 'Bat out of hell'.

    or something.

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    Perhaps do a cartwheel over the stage? Then grab the prize, moon the audience and run away, pants down.

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    Tribute to jean Marc brisset !!! Quick update in another project siting on my desk!Name:  image.jpg
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    This dude is a GMB's sculpt? Nice start bro, those metal leggings will be awesome sauce in your hands!

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    Thanks much Tero!! It's not really sculpted by him but he gave me the idea of copying his plans using a diff head swap and that head being the alternaye head from the khorn herald with the dread spear of unpaling!!!

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    Okay so contemplating exits at crystal brush what do you guys think of this even if I lose ill wait until they start another category and ill come in with an over coat and a sign on me the sign will read "honk 3 times if you see something you like" then ill drop the garment and streak all around the room (ala Larry from 3s company) lol

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    I missed it, what did BaM do at CB this year?
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