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Thread: Showing my newest works before I get into things!

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    Name:  428C7528-4E53-4849-AA96-71A297C3F512.jpeg
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Size:  1.62 MBName:  0E916419-9D78-4CCA-873A-C8035A3C5C73.jpeg
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Size:  1.37 MBName:  B8BB118F-BEA5-4366-AA73-DEC6BE581366.jpeg
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Size:  1.29 MBName:  A7FC43FB-EAB4-4D0D-8AF3-8B3F68DA8636.jpeg
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Size:  1.16 MBName:  82167162-574C-4BB0-9B39-8F5B4380F322.jpeg
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Size:  629.1 KBName:  E8370615-CE62-4A33-8F8D-28DB478961B5.jpeg
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Size:  1.54 MBName:  065F0438-6969-4462-A7DB-0703122D8C05.jpg
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Size:  1.14 MB The last two are mages are progress on the next three bringing the total up to 9. Maybe one more after that.or two …:-/
    good luck to all competitors going to demon- Godspeed and god bless-

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    One of these days you will have to tell me just how awesome it is to go to a Games Day. I definitely want to one day, it just has never lined up with the schedule!

    More amazing work mate, this weathering technique that you have developed is top notch.

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    Thanks mouse my dude. Hopefully one day we can meet up there and I’ll buy you a few rounds after looking at some kick ass minis.

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    That is a definite mate! For now, I am in Germany for a few years, but will eventually make my way back to the land of the 50.

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    Awesome looking crew you have here.

    How did Adepticon go?

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    3 commended entries
    1 gold demon in vehicle
    1 bronze award in the open
    1 finalist pin. Name:  F3656346-A8DD-49E9-B91E-D12C60AE2C39.jpg
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Size:  301.8 KBName:  F3656346-A8DD-49E9-B91E-D12C60AE2C39.jpg
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    Omg Bam that's incredible congratulations you deserve it!

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    That is awesome. So happy for you.

    Sadly I got a passive aggressive response when I suggested going to Adepticon, so didn’t make up. Did see your Bloodbowl team in a Youtube video someone had taken earlier in the week though.

    Again, congrats.

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    What a great accomplishment! And well deserved, you have created some beautiful pieces!

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    Thanks so much guys- Fluisterwould thanks so much mate always for thé support and showing of some of your own beautiful models for all to see. Congrats to you Flu. Name:  660EA243-00B8-4D98-8042-CF590BE64B8F.jpeg
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    Congratulations!!! The master made it!!

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    Thanks so much my man. Thank you all !!!

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    Tabletop Minios posted a video asking different artist six questions at Adepticon including our very own BAM. Great to see you in this John.

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    Thanks krule so so much- I’m living every minute of it. Thank you all.

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    Congratulations! Been eons since I've been on CMoN, and your work has improved by leaps and bounds. Mine on the other hand has deteriorated to n00b status due to years of painter's block.

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    I'm a little late to the party but... CONGRATULATIONS!

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    Thanks guys I really appreciate it. It was a perfect trip for me and my love Janet - very stressful but very worth it.

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    Default 5 commendations and 6 finalist pins.a

    So 6 finalist pins , 5 commendations , 2 demon awards (1gold and one bronze ) Name:  0063B562-5278-46F3-9650-2E12680F392E.jpeg
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